Well, what now?!

First and foremost, I just want to say a big THANK YOU to the overwhelmingly sweet e-mails I have been receiving. Not saying this to be all "oohh I get tons of emails!" braggy braggy, but to say a sincere thank you to the few emails I woke up to this morning that just wanted to wish me Good Luck on my last Final Exam in Art History today! Seriously! That made my day and helped me face the big bad wolf with a little more courage. Granted, I wasn't exactly as prepared as I would have liked to have been, but I chalk that up to the fact that I was just burnt out. Either way, I am now a free woman! I wish I could lay back and take it all in but I have to work tonight haha Womp Womp Wompppp!

The past week has been one of the most stressful of my life. Over the past year and a half, I've really reinvented myself to not be one who stresses or worries. I take things as they come and I always hope for the best. Worry and stress solve no problems, right? Well, this stress wasn't backing down. Luckily I came out on the other end and just as I finished up my exam and left campus, I was greeted with an email in my inbox from Erin (Senior Designer) at BUST! She let me know that everything is in place and BUST will be in it's new home by my arrival. I even get a desk! Giddy! It was the kind of overwhelming excitement and a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. The kind of AWESOME where all you want to do is cry. So in between sobs you're trying to regain control of your cheeks because they're darn near your eyeballs from smiling so big! Yeah! I was just so relieved to be through with semester; So ready to be on my way to NYC. It was the kind of feeling where you just KNOW. I'd say something cheesy like it's when you just know you've found "the one"... that's how BUST feels to me. I instantly feel reenergized, inspired, and empowered. The stress of finals makes me question why I chose a degree in graphic design to begin with, and then BUST brings that feeling of accomplishment. I'm so incredibly blessed to be interning with such an amazing publication. I cannot thank my lucky stars enough! NYC, get ready. I'm coming for you!

I have so much to get done in the next few weeks. I don't even know where to start. I can't believe that come Monday, I have absolutely no agenda for a while! Amazing! I just might stay in my jammies all week! Haha well no, that would be overkill. But maybe a full 24 hours! Mike's birthday is on Wednesday so I must prepare for that. I have to ship out some packages from Kaelah's Closet (You can still buy stuff! CLICK HERE to get more info!) Mom's birthday and Mother's Day are right around the corner. And I really want to get some dresses sewn.

So much to do but I'm pumped. Good things are happening this Summer. Can't you just feel it?! This is my Summer. This is the Summer in which things will come to fruition! I'm sure of it!

Whatever your plans may be, whether you're still in finals or on the brink of starting/finishing them, just think about the magical Summer ahead of you! Even if you're not taking a vacation or doing anything glamourous, make the most of it! Make this Summer YOURS! It's a good good year!

I'm going to go dye my hair (so overdue!) and hang out with Baby G for a while before meeting Mike on his lunch break! I hope this is the most magical Friday you've ever had! Feel free to email me and say hello if you're a new reader! (or even if you're not!) KaelahBee (@) Gmail (dot) com!


PS; I've received a few emails about Internships and how to get them, etc etc etc. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ASK ME HERE or email me! I'm in no way an Internship Guru or anything, but sometimes it helps to ask someone who has been in your shoes :) (that's what I did!). Also, there was a girl at one point who wanted to intern at BUST... did you ever apply?!

PPS; I've been listening to Maria Taylor and Meiko all day! And here's one of my favorite songs/lines from Maria Taylor!

Maria Taylor : LadyLuck
follow yourself and hope that you know where you're going
and don't question your steps that lead you into the moment
and you'll meet a friend along the way
you can't wait for each new day
it doesn't always work the way you planned it
i like it better this way

Wedding Wednesday! (Is Back!)

Today... well, today did not necessarily start out as planned. I left home 15 minutes early to go to The Frist to get ready for my final Print presentation. We were to meet in the cafe at 12:30pm. I arrived at 12:15pm only to discover, as I parked my car, that I had left my boards AT HOME! Oh my stars! I was out of that parking lot by 12:16. I called Caitlin to relay the message to Doug. I'll just chalk it up to being finals. I flew home... sadly a miscalculation made it a 30 minute drive back to the house. I went a different route and made it back to The Frist in 20 minutes. I pulled in at 1:01pm. I ran inside, got my ticket validated, and panicked. I couldn't get ahold of anyone. I sat in the lobby for a few minutes and just cried (read: ten minutes, and tried to regain my composure). Luckily Caitlin came to my rescue and took me up to the presentation room. Thank goodness Doug is so laid back. I was blessed enough to walk in, calm down, and finally present my stuff. They seemed to really love it. I didn't receive any constructive criticism in any way and they said it was all very cohesive and very "me". Praise! The rushing, the panicking, and the crying in the lobby even... It all seemed worth it. I bolted not long after and now I'm down the street at the Panera on West End, killing time before my tattoo appointment at 4pm. So much to do tonight! But rather than think bad thoughts, let's drool over the recent postings at OnceWed.com shall we?!

(Click on the titles to be taken to the post on OnceWed's site!)

This is hands-down one of the most beautifully styled and photographed weddings I've ever seen. Her simple dress, his simple khakis. They even opted to go without a wedding party, and invited their adorable little dog to stand in as best man! The photography was shot by Amy Carroll. You must pop over and check out her site! Part ONE of the feature can be found HERE.

Beautiful environment and colors. Doesn't this young couple just look so darling?! Photography by Kirstin Ellis.

I consider myself a huge fan of Tec Petaja and his adorable wife, Chelsea! They singlehandedly (doublehandedly, maybe? haha) inspired my future wedding. I love to read Chelsea's blog and I gawk in amazement at Tec's photography. Best of all, they're Nashvillians, too! They own an adorable little green house in East Nashville that has been featured on Design*Sponge and the likes. They just seem so charming all around. Tec took these photographs on their bed and breakfast, 40 minutes outside of Nashville. How gorgeous are they?! Swoon!

For anyone who is new around these parts, you can just click the Wedding Wednesday label up at the top of the post to check out other installments of gorgeous wedding inspiration! I'm not even engaged but man oh man! I can't wait to be married! ;)

Off to get tattooed! Thanks for hanging in there!


An Upfront Apology...

Here's to let you all know that this week may be kind of slow here at KaelahBee.com. It's finals week, as I've said probably countless times before (woe is me!) and while I have no actual classes left, I do have to present my Sweet Cheeks Bakery stuff tomorrow at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts, print, photograph, trim, and pack my portfolio to drop off by 1pm on Thursday, and then cram for my final Art History exam EVER on Friday morning. Not to mention throwing in a few hours of getting my leg tattooed tomorrow night... Neither convenient on the time, nor money, front... but it has to be done so it shall! I'll be making flash cards to study for art history while I get tattooed. I'm a nerd... It's cool.

I don't mean to leave y'all hanging but I'm sure you understand! I bet more than a fair share of you are experiencing the same stressed out feeling of finals just like myself. And to think, just ONE more semester! I shall be a college graduate! Oh joy!

A lot of you have said you wish I would show my design work more so here you go. A logo and menu for my vegan bakery, Sweet Cheeks.

This is the logo for Sweet Cheeks. It still needs some tweaks but I'm much to physically & mentally exhausted to even think about dealing with it now. So it shall stay. Hmph.

The menu is a folding menu with a curved photo on the inside/end. A magnet falls down from the third panel. The top row is the inside of the menu, while the bottom row is the outside of the menu. All laid flat (obviously haha). (Click the image to view it larger)

Anywhoo, It's 11:30pm, I just dragged myself from school. I'm going to put on my jammies and settle into bed. Waking up bright and early so Mike can go to work and I can prepare for both my presentation and my tattoo appointment. Maybe I can churn out these flash cards tonight. Wish me luck!


Sarah Winters Music!

"You're my roadmap... You know all of my streets..."

There is something absolutely exhilirating about receiving mail via postal service. Something other than bills, coupon books, and spam, that is. To hold a package or to gently tear open a handwritten envelope... ah! It's just invigorating! Today I was overjoyed at receiving a package in my PO Box from none other than my dear darling friend, Sarah in Minnesota!

While Sarah and I have never met in real life, I cherish her to pieces and I cannot wait for us to both be in New York City so we can go on many random adventures. All in due time.

Sarah sent me her new full-length album, Small Bones, and much to my surprise she included two darling little merch pins and THE cutest yellow-&-pink pen which says "This pen was stolen from a Sarah Winters show. Please return to myspace.com/sarahwintersishiphop" How clever and sweet!

Her album is nothing short of brilliant and I'm not just saying that because she's my friend. She has this gorgeous, almost-haunting voice, something you'd never expect from her petite and adorable frame. It's powerful and it simply resonates. I've had the album on repeat while working on a project for the past 3+ hours.

The album was released less than 3 weeks ago so it's still very fresh and new. While there's not a single song on the album that I don't like, I really really enjoy both Not Mine and We All Take (and Strung, too!) Sarah was so kind to upload and offer to all of my readers the track Not Mine from the album for free download! CLICK HERE to download the track and CLICK HERE to visit her MySpace to hear more!

Small Bones can be purchased via iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon, and eMusic. Physical copies can be purchased by visiting her MySpace page.

And if you don't want to take my word on just how adorable and charming she really is, see for yourself!

Give my little lady Sarah a listen! You will be taken with her in a heartbeat!

Thanks for checking out Music Monday on KaelahBee.com! I'll have a new mixtape for download next week!


Shop Kaelah's Closet

(click above to view)

I've been bogged down with finals lately and I haven't had much time to promote Kaelah's Closet. Basically it's just a bunch of clothes I'm trying to get rid of before moving to NYC. I'll be selling them for the next 3-4 weeks and then I'll stop while I'm in NY. Everything needs to be gone because I have NO desire to move this stuff again! haha

They're all priced in albums on my photobucket, but I'm willing to combine shipping and even work out a deal with you if you want to buy some stuff. A lot of the stuff is going pretty quickly so shoot me an email as soon as you see something you like. If you want measurements, ask me for them. I'll try to get them ASAP!


Again, CLICK HERE to view all the items for sale! Shoot me an email and PLEASE include the link to the articles of clothing you're inquiring about! Thanks!



Always catch the clock at 11:11
Write handwritten letters
Love recklessly
Find beauty in everything
Make a stranger smile
Notice the little things
Give someone a real mixtape
Dance in the rain
Never give up on yourself
Don’t be afraid to come alive
The answers are everywhere
You are invincible

Penpals, be expecting a real mixtape ♥


Help Save Walter!


Gala Darling posted a link in her weekly link roundup to the blog of a sweet little dog named Walter. Turns out Walter was found in Brooklyn after being thrown from a car window and abandoned. Not only had he suffered injury, he also has a terrible case of the Mange. While he was quickly rushed by wonderful people to the emergency room, you can imagine the puppy medical bills start piling up. These incredible people took Walter in when they had no obligation to him whatsoever. They've found him a wonderful home for after he recovers and he's continually surrounded by kind hearted people. I made a donation to help save Walter. It wasn't much but every penny counts! You can help out if you choose! CLICK HERE to read Walter's story and CLICK HERE if you'd like to donate on his behalf. (The good news is that the Vets belief Walter should make a full recovery and be able to lead a healthy, active, normal life!)

I guess the reason I feel so strongly about this is because it hits so close to home. We took in a little Bichon Frise named Bert when I was a little bitty kid who had been thrown from a window. I had him for 13 wonderful years and he was my best friend. All he needed was that second chance. Even if you can't help in monetary form, head over to HELP SAVE WALTER and leave something kind. Help spread the word, too!

My sweet little Bert... (painting by Silje)

And a few more photos of the adorable little Walter.

Help give Walter his second chance!


Introductory Post

Hello there! I'm Kaelah and even though most of you know, I figured it was time to make a little introductory post for all of my new followers! Bare with me here because I haven't written an "about me" in quite some time! Okay... Well I'm Kaelah Beauregarde, a twenty-two year old (I'm an Aries!) female living in the wonderful state of Tennessee (Franklin/Nashville). I live in New York City in the summer as I am an art intern at BUST magazine. I'm currently a senior at O'More College of Design, studying graphic design, and I will graduate in December 2010. I live with my amazing boyfriend, Mike (click here to follow his blog!), in a little blue house in downtown Franklin and we have an adorably fat English Bulldog named Georgia. I'm an only child and my mom is by far my biggest inspiration. She's amazing. I'm a bartender at a little karaoke bar on the weekends and I've been bartending for 4 years. I wear dresses every single day and it's quite unusual to see me in pants or jeans. I've got bright red hair that you could spot from a mile away (but I'm sure you've already noticed). I'm a vegetarian, but hope to dive back into the vegan pool in NYC, as I only gave it 6 months last time. Sharks are my all-time favorite animal. My life goal is to swim with a Great White. I'm also a huge fan of cephalopods (octopus, squid, etc). I get incredibly nerdy for Shark Week every year (I even have it on DVD!) After graduation in December, I plan on moving back to my hometown for a few months as we save up to venture up north providing I can snag a design job in NYC. However, I see my future with kids and a white picket fence in a downtown area of a quaint town in South Carolina or Georgia. I have plans to open my own independent retail store. All the while I wish I had gone to school for Marine Biology. :P

Some of the things I'm passionate about include: tattoos (obviously) and body modification, dresses, sweet tea and lemonade, my bicycle, disposable cameras, road trips, penpals, making new friends, living life to the absolute fullest, being optimistic, sewing, crafty things, sharks, cephalopods, twinkle lights, hammocks, cherry blossoms in the spring, any sort of furry animal, anything with a floral pattern (my friends think I'm the tacky floral lady), lace, and antiques.

I think that about covers most of it, but if you want to ask me anything specifically, feel free to CLICK HERE and ask me via my FormSpring. I'll answer there so keep it bookmarked! Thanks for reading and thanks for following :) If you ever want to email me for any reason... just to say hello or anything of the sort, feel free to send me a message to kaelahbee(at)gmail(dot)com!

Places to find me:


dear mike...

You are by far the most incredible fella I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. I'm so excited to share my life with you and to grow into even better people. You support me 110% of the time and you're one of my biggest fans. You help me see the light in myself even when I'm not so sure it's there. You are imperfectly perfect for me and I love you.


If you love someone, make sure they know it today. No special reason or occasion required. Sometimes it's just nice to tell and to be told.

PS: I love all of y'all, too ♥