A Picture An Hour (Chicago Saturday)

I tweeted publicly, told Susannah to remind me, and set my alarm Saturday morning as "A picture an hour!"... I had every intention on really pulling through this time! Last time we were on vacation with Chris & Susannah I really meant to do one, but alas I forgot. This time though, I stuck it out! Until the last 2 or so hours, that is. We didn't wake up until 11am but that was because we had a long and very eventful Friday night. It may or may not have included darts, new old ladies at a little dive bar, awkward run-ins with a drunk lady, 3am bike rides (and subsequent 3am bike wrecks...). I still have a doozy of a bruise on my knee to prove it. (Thank goodness the people whose front yard I face-planted in weren't awake! Yikes!) I'm not the most graceful person and the bike I was on didn't have any hand-brakes so I was at a loss for how to stop the darn thing. Alas, I just went (down) with it.

Anyway, here you go!

11am - coffee and lounge time. trying to wake our bodies up for the day ahead.

12pm - finishing the "getting ready" portion. makeup, nails, etc.

1pm - saying "so long" to mr. little jeans and making our way out the door. mine & susannah's cars. & sweet susannah!

2pm - in the car. on our way to nom on some sushi station. being silly in the backseat.

3pm - finally! we have arrived. sushi time. the veggie rolls were delicious! mine and susannah's iphones. aren't they cuteeee?!

4pm - leaving sushi station. heading to target to pick up things for the cookout.

6pm - the boys play a handful of games on the wii while we kill time.

7pm - bottles are open and the chit chat begins.

8pm - burgers are ready and corn on the cob is awkward to eat. 

10pm - the conversation moves indoors as a result of the overwhelming amount of mosquitos.

11pm - mike is already pooped, but we start to get our second wind.

12am - chris plays his guitar and topher entertains us with his antics. twitter tweets, too! 

Not pictured: the many breaks taken outside on the front porch, run-ins with strange people, disappearing guests down the road, being entirely too loud for a small neighborhood, walking to the bonner road inn bar at 1am, subsequent new old ladies and fantastic conversation, walking back home at 2am and proceeding to grill out (again) and the intensely epic business convo that i got into with susannah and mike... then feeling inspired and heading to bed around 3:30am. All in all: a very good/needed vacation!

Around These Parts...

Today has been one of those days. One of those days where it seems like everything has gone wrong. "When it rains, it pours!" they say. Indeed. But instead of letting it get the best of me, I put on my big girl britches (or dress) and was productive anyway. Maybe not quite as productive as I had intended, but still, I got things done. Among those things were five new fascinator designs for the shoppe. I'm doing an overhaul of inventory with new patterns added to the existing collection, and bows, and new headbands, too. I just need to get all of my ducks in a row!

I attempted using my kitty cat fabric to make some fascinators but the print was too large. Still, they're kind of cool if you're into creepy eyeballs. Just sayin. I already cut enough for at least three of the cat ones so they'll go up in the shoppe soon in hopes that they'll sell. If they don't, well, I tried. Also going up is a new giraffe-style print, berry blossom (my favorite!), slate grey, and a floral bit. I'll also be working on bubblegum pink, bright teal, baby blue satin, two peachy colors, and a matte black. And even more than that. I'll be a busy bee! Hopefully you'll each find something you like!

Georgia is going back to the vet tomorrow to have her Cortisol tests run. Hopefully it'll come back with good news for her/us. It's hard to get back into the groove of things when you've been gone... Yow!

PS; I still have one large and one medium sponsor spot open for July! Email me at kaelahbee@gmail.com to snag it up! I'll even throw in a 10% discount! 

PPS; Get 20% off current Hive+Honey inventory with the code: CLEAROUT

Ivy Vines and Tan Lines

Would you believe me if I told you that I really loved this area that we shot pictures? This is, again, the same place as Country Cabin Bumpkin and Dandelion Seed! I have a knack for changing clothes in the car. We shot a lot of outfit photos this day so I could have some stuff to hold me over while I was galavanting around Chicago! (We're back, by the way! Got in last night and we were pooped!) We came home a day early as we had a ton of things to deal with and the pile keeps growing higher! We're about to head out and go pick up our girls at my parents' house a few hours away. We had every intention of driving down last night but after 11.5 hours in the car and traveling, I wanted to just sit still.

If you like this dress and want it for yourself, you can grab it up at Kaelah's Closet! I listed it this morning as I got a longer one. It's a size 3 but it magically fit me so it's not like it's a skin-tight body con dress or anything. I have so many fun things to share on the blog this week! I hope I can play catch up quick enough to get to the "picture an hour" bit I did on Saturday and such! I'm going to be hard at work on Hive + Honey stuff on Wednesday and Thursday. It's taken a bit of a backseat these past couple of weeks and I'm ready to churn out some good things! I've got another headband mock-up in the works so hopefully I like it enough to add to the inventory! I've been loving all of the emails and tweets I've been getting with y'all rocking your headpieces! I can't wait to share more of those soon, too!

Man, I wish blog posts just wrote themselves. That'd be nice, yeah? ;) Happy Tuesday!

City Triangles dress
Target cardigan
H&M bike shorts
Blowfish shoes (15% off with code BFKAELAH15)

Dandelion Seed

These photos are from the same location as the Country Cabin Bumpkin photos, but the front of the barn. These are the ones we were shooting when we got kind of run off the property. Luckily we still have a few to choose from! 

Last night was the birthday cookout for Susannah! We grilled, ate corn on the cobb, sat on the deck with great conversation, walked down to the Bonner Road Inn for a few drinks, walked back and grilled out again at 2am, and was so incredibly deep into business conversation until well past 3am. I really love talking business with Mike. We have this sort of relationship that just is like fast paced badminton. We just serve it right back. I didn't think it could possibly get any better... then Susannah joined in! Holy cow. I don't think I've ever felt so inspired in my life! We even started an idea notebook last night full of scribbles and doodles. I promise you'll be hearing more about that when the time is right! 

For now I need to get dresses! Woo! We're spending the day in the city, going to see Les Savy Fav, and poke around various neighborhoods of Chicago. So far this trip has been a blast! If you see us today, don't hesitate to come say hi! Even after meeting two readers so far on this trip, I can't guarantee I won't stumble over my words and be awkward, but I can at least try! xo

? dress via Ross
H&M cardigan
Thrifted belt
H&M bike shorts
Blowfish Shoes (15% off with code BFKAELAH15)

PS; Does anyone know where to get polyester/nylon bike shorts with black lace trim like the ones I'm wearing?! I've ripped them and H&M only has cotton ones this year. American Apparels aren't lace trim (and I hate that company so I don't shop there), and WalMarts are just plain, too.  

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Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

These photos were shot last Sunday (Father's Day) in downtown Lawrenceburg. The little historic downtown area has so much charm about it. So many old abandoned business buildings, but pretty ones. It's almost a little sad, too. Seeing old establishments lose their clientele and eventually close up shop. It was a bit past dusk when we shot these but "after sunset" has become one of our new favorite times to shoot. Plus here's the white ruffle version of the dress two posts ago! I've become quite enthralled with white dresses this summer!

Chicago is so much fun! I can't even begin to describe how great it is to be up here with Chris and Susannah, and just enjoying ourselves. I'll have to do a full recap kinda post once we get back to Nashville or something because I don't want to miss anything here!

Last night was ridiculously fun. There were bikes involved at 2am and I may or may not have a battle wound to remember it by. Fun times had by all! We're going to go enjoy ourselves for the rest of our stay! Hope your weekend is shaping up to be something wonderful! xo

BeBop dress via Ross
Forever 21 cardigan
? Wedges via Ross

PS; Sorry I had to lump them all together at the start of the post! Blogger won't let me type inbetwee them?! Grr.