// The Genius Blogger's Toolkit - Ultimate Bundles - 98% Off This Week ONLY!

So I've been a ~"professional" blogger for over 7 years, right here at this little web address. It's crazy to think about what all this blog entails - beginnings, endings, adventures, transformations, etc. I'm so grateful for all of the opportunities I've been given because of this blog. I've met some amazing friends, I've traveled some amazing places, and I've worked with some amazing brands. And I've been able to do most all of that on my own time, at my own leisure, and boy that feels good. It's no secret that I've been a bit MIA from here for the past little bit, but I certainly have the blogging fever. I've been working my way through the Genius Blogger's Toolkit since I got my bundle last week, and I love reading about other people's passions - and since they're all blogging related in this bundle it's making me really miss that kind of dedication and community. I don't know exactly what this means for me yet (as written in yesterday's post), but I know it's had me thinking. 

Anyway, my PR + Marketing Ebook for Bloggers is included in this bundle, but man oh man I feel like it pales in comparison to so many other resources included! I'm so inspired and motivated after only having read a few of the Ebooks. There are 62 ebooks, ecourses and printable packets included, and they're valued at $3,665.40. There are also 17 digital bonuses valued at $1,387.00 - Together that brings the total value of this bundle to over $5,000! And it's currently $97! (But it's only available for 7 days!)

Topics covered include: photography, content creation, monetization, partnerships, passive income streams, email marketing, ebook/ecourse creation, branding, marketing. Of course that's far from an exhaustive list but you can see everything on the sale page.

I buy a lot of "bundles" like this for my design business - typography, templates, graphics, etc. I'm such a fan of how bundles operate and I love knowing I am getting a crazy high (98%) discount. I can't vouch for the entirety of this bundle since I haven't finished it yet, but I can say that it's fan-freaking-tastic so far and I've already dove into over $450 worth of resources - with plenty more to go. 

If you do any kind of blogging - professional, photography, small business, food, craft, whatever! - you could probably find so many things beneficial in this collection. It's worth checking out at least! Feel free to share it with anyone you might know who would be interested. There are 2 other options available where you can get in on the 12 week Mastermind sessions and all that jazz - they're currently up for Early Bird pricing but only until Thursday night I think. You can see all those details HERE. Happy blogging!

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// Oh, Hello

I feel like I usually start these posts by saying how busy we've been. So busy! Doing all the things! No rest! Go Go Go! Well, I really haven't been all that busy lately. And it's been awesome. I've been lucky enough to stay consistently booked with doula work (mostly postpartum overnights), and it's allowed me so much extra time with the boys, and just by myself - which might sound a little contradictory. I haven't wanted to really write anything, so instead I just did, well, anything else. If you follow me on Instagram then you basically follow me on Snapchat because I pretty much only repost Snaps these days haha! I'm not very good at taking my own outfit photos so now I affectionately refer to my mirror as my #InstagramHusband. I also just don't get all dressed up that often it seems. I've been spending more time outside, and at the gym, so I'm usually in a hoodie, tshirt, and shorts/yoga pants. I'm comfortable at least! I've been hustling away at all of my (doula) certification packets, and I'll have all three of them finished before the new year (!!!). I've also had an above average number of design clients over the past couple months, so that has been something that has kept me somewhat entertained. I'm starting to really feel that shift in myself/my blog where I just kind of want to be behind the scenes. But that's another conversation entirely and far too many feels for me to be having this early in the morning. I'm still working it all out in the ol' noggin.

I can't promise I'll be the most consistent blogger (as evidenced by recent activity - or lack thereof), but at least I can say there are a couple neat things coming up soon. One of them is the Michaels Dream Tree Challenge (it's my third year participating!) Pop back over soon, okay?

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And because I'm declaring it #TreatYoSelfTuesday, here are a few things I wish I could treat myself with: this NOPE phone case to match my iron on patch // the pink stripe pom pom + cat pillows // this ivory lace dress // this cute "air mail" wallet // any and all of the other cookbooks i don't own yet LOL // every. single. bag. from leo studio design (!!!) // this goldenrod lace dress is perfectly autumn + 70s // keep america awesome tee // the petty booties in literally every color and texture // this rose gold sequin jacket // ALL of these if I could wear them!

// Things I Love Thursday v.270

this stunning bathroom ♥
this beautiful tabelscape ♥
this looks YUMMY! ♥
this. ♥
this cottage! ♥

this hilarious sweatshirt ♥
these flowers ♥

this new bag from 88 handbags *heart eyes* ♥

// Tried It and Liked It: Magic Pads facial cleansing wipes.

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// 25 life-changing quotes from Feminist Instagram poet Rupi Kaur. (If you don't have Rupi's book, you should absolutely get it! It's amazing - and under $10!)

// The most hipster city in every state... in case you were wondering.

// Shopbop is having a HUGE sale right now - 25% off orders up to $500, then 30% off for anything over $500! In case you need some help deciding: you can stock up on winter accessories, or pick out some pretty jewelry pieces for the holidays!

// These fake wine recommendations are HILARIOUS! I would crack up if I saw these in my local store.

// !!!! One of these customizable welcome mats would be such a lovely housewarming gift!

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