// Use These Hacks to Make Your Home Life Simple


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We could all do with a simpler way of life, so why not use hacks when you can for shortcuts? In this article, we have some simple solutions to common issues; following them this winter will make your home life easier and make you more popular when it comes to social gatherings.  

Simple Peeling 

If you love oranges, you’re not alone; there’s nothing better than squeezing fresh orange juice in the morning and getting an instant hit of vitamin D; especially in the winter. The trouble is the squeezing process; it can be messy, time-consuming, and painful if you have a little finger cut. 

The simple way to peel an orange, clementine, or tangerine is right here! Instead of squashing your thumbs into the top of the fruit, use a knife to slice the top and bottom of the orange on a chopping board. Next, cut a line down the side, and the orange should unfurl with the segments.  

Simple Washing 

Most people have a dishwasher that they fill up over a few days and wash all at once, but this isn’t always suitable for a blender jug that requires more dexterous daily washing. If you use a blender every day for a smoothie, you need a simple way to wash the jug without a machine. 

The answer is surprisingly simple. Instead of using a washing-up brush to clean the blades at the bottom, fill the jug with soapy water and put it back on the hub; you can then blend the soapy water in the blades, which cleans them quickly and thoroughly. Finish it off in the sink.     

Simple Cleaning 

Cleaning the house can be an arduous task, especially when you are busy with your work and the family; when do you have time to deep clean the kitchen and the carpets? If you are feeling overwhelmed with housework, why not call in some additional help with a professional service? 

A professional Professional Cleaners has a range of services to suit all requirements; whether you need a basic clean or a deep clean, you can find a service to suit; a professional cleaning service can also take of carpets and upholstery to prepare your home for the festive season.  

Simple Chilling 

If you are at a party or you have bought beers at short notice, you might have an issue; how are you going to drink them when they are still warm? The alternative is to put them in the fridge and wait around while the party gets started without you. Unless you have a fast chill solution. 

It’s possible to create a lovely chilly beer in just ten minutes using this simple hack. Get some paper towels and sock them in water; now, wrap the wet paper towel around the beer and put it in the freezer; in ten minutes flat, the beer will be chilled. But don’t leave it too long, or it bursts.  

Simple Sleeping 

If your PC falls asleep every time you walk away from it, you could try this simple hack. Make sure your mouse is raised when you leave the desk; the best thing to do is to sit it on top of a small raised platform like a leather belt or a notepad; this prevents the screen from sleeping.