things i love this week

ten things my heart adores...

1. care packages. carefully assembled packages from people down the street, across the country, or on the opposite side of the globe. the best ones always include a handwritten letter, a trinket or two, photographs and yummy treats like foreign candies or a handcrafted goodie. [anyone interested in being package pen-pals?!]

2. the most comfortable bed in the world. this title belonging to my own, of course. then again i may just be biased. however, this also has its downfalls... i find it almost impossible to tear myself away from the coziness of the 15 million pillows surrounding my body. in order to be more productive, i may need to invest in a slightly LESS comfortable bed.... psh. yeah right.

3. schuyler fisk. specifically her song "from where i'm standing"... you should listen to it. not to mention the lovely graphic design of her myspace page. whoever designed it did a darn good job. i approve. and to think she was the girlfriend of "Shaun Brumder" in the 2002 movie Orange County.. crazy day!

4. sewing. it's so therapeutic and i'm so glad i've gotten back into it. my poor machine sat all alone and gathered dust for far too long. even if the projects i've been working on have been juvenile and small, they're still a step in the right direction. and it's a creative endeavor.

5. zyrtec. in the height of the summer season in the sticky south, this is my ~magic pill, as i like to call it. my mother just supplied me with a new bottle and i carry it everywhere i go. having struggled with horrid asthma and allergies all my life, i can truly testify on this pill's behalf. 20 minutes after i take the pill i'm a brand new person. and it really DOES last 24 hours. amazing!

6. vintage band shirts on ebay. this new baby was just bought this week. i'm patiently awaiting it's arrival to my front door. i probably will never take it off...

7. vintage interiors. need i say more? mix-and-match, distressed materials and a hodgepodge of styles. sounds like heaven to me.

8. cohesive package design. how beautiful are these??! package design will always be something i wish i was better at, but regardless i enjoy it to the ends of the earth and thank the Lord for amazing designers and teachers such as Ryan Myers. i definitely spend more than my fair share of time perusing sites such as DieLine and Lovely Package.

9. the Apple + Z button on Macs. as any designer, or any Mac user, will tell you... there are many times in life you find yourself wishing you could just "Apple + Z" it and undo what you just did. whether it be an embarassing remark or tripping over your own feet... the world would be an interesting place if we were given the opportunity to just click undo.

10. tennessee. home. nothing compares. no matter how much time i spend in new york city, or how many cities and countries i can travel to, nothing will be quite as 'home sweet home' as tennessee. lush green hills and summers so humid you curse mother nature herself. time spent sipping sweet tea or lemonade from a mason jar and riding your bike down the rural roads... nothing can replace that. i know i'll travel many places in my lifetime and i know i want to be culturally aware... but i know in my heart of hearts that i want to raise my children in the south. i want them to appreciate life in the not-so-fast-lane before venturing out on their own. i think of my childhood and i wouldnt change it for the world. it wasn't storybook perfect, but i wouldn't have it any other way. also, the fact that this gorgeous bridge is only a few miles from my home is utterly amazing. the view is breathtaking. especially at sunrise and sunset.


  1. care packages :) thats so awesome.
    i want one. hahaha.

  2. to ashleyyy:
    wouldn't that be awesome?! the thrill of snail mail is so exhilarating! :D

  3. we seriously need to be package pen pals. :)

  4. Aww, Kaelah! I'll be your care package pal!

  5. Kaelah, I know a hundred of people have said they want in.
    I know this is like a hundred million billion years old.
    But all the people I used to write and send pictures to have stopped writing. I guess they're just too busy.

    I think it'd be a blast to be package pen pals.
    If you'd do it, I'd do it. :)

  6. so i am reading through old entries :D being a lurker hahahah! but Zyrtec IS a magic pill!


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