bows galore!

these bows are obnoxious, ridiculous, huge, and sometimes overwhelming. i guess it depends on who you are. don't worry, if you dont like them or they're not your cup o' tea, i won't be offended. :) it takes a strong personality to pull them off so i hope the ladies are ready for 'em!

today i officially made profit from my little ~bow selling endeavor. it's a small project but the girls on myspace, etc seem to enjoy them. today i sent off 2 orders and with those two orders, i can officially say that i'm making profit as a business. i have cleared my overhead expenses such as fabric, elastic, thread, etc. although, i guess if we really want to get *technical*, i still have about $230 to go because i invested in a new sewing machine. but that was more of a personal decision than one that was necessary for this business. i uploaded about 17 new designs on myspace today so if you're interested in buying one, please check out my myspace. :D

this is my favorite design. i haven't uploaded it for sale yet,
but its so girly and awesome and great. love!

with every order i try to be as personal as possible so i always include a handwritten letter and a receipt so that you can send in the receipt with your next order and receive free shipping! yay! and for every 5 people you refer that buy a bow, i send you a bow of your choice :D we all love free things!

i'm thinking of making a website for the bows but i'm a little limited on time. for now an album on my myspace will just have to work :)

and one of me, just for good measure. :)

i'm off to hohenwald to see my cousin amy! i'll be around and about but without a good solid stable source of internet until saturday :) wow, that was a lot of adjectives haha....


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