sorry i'm slacking!

so so so so much has been going on! oh my oh my oh my!
ill leave you with the tid-bits! hopefully i can fill
you all in tomorrow?! asl;kdfjas;fjasf.

+ ROBERT PROPOSED TO MY MOM TODAY AT NIAGRA FALLS! i dont care how cheesy it is. i am so incredibly thrilled. i just had a feeling he was going to. i mentioned it to mom and she shrugged it off and laughed. she sent me a text that said "he proposed!" today while i was in forever 21 and i started crying. right there in line to pay and at the cashier. i called her in a hurry and just squealed. they are the epitome of true love. and they are the single reason why i cannot find myself bitter or cynical about love, even after all the bullshit i've gone through. she found at the age of 48... its never too late. holy crap i am SO ECSTATIC! if you know me at all you know i'm obsessed with weddings. and the fact that i get to be there and so involved in this one. ahhh i'm crying now too! a;sldfjka;lsdja;ls SO HAPPY! he's going to be the man to walk me down the aisle when i get married. i had already told my mother months ago that i intended on asking robert, as opposed to my own father. i know their wedding day is going to be one of the most beautiul days ever. my mother is hands down the most incredible woman to ever exist, in my eyes. she's so selfless and giving. and praise the Lord for karma because it's all coming back to her ten-fold. she deserves every single bit of this happiness. i love you, momma!

+ yesterday bryan drove up to help me pack up the rest of the stuff at the old apartment and all that jazz. we ate pizza, listened to Mae, and had a grand ol' time. afterwards i headed to hendersonville and got tattooed for 3 hours. got back in town and watched 3 hours of Friends in bed haha

+ today i ran errands, finished up stuff at Alara, went to murfreesboro, went shopping, hung out with shannon, watched Amalie at her house, got coffee, headed over to Tony's apartment, watched 21, and came back to franklin. here i am at 4am, wide awake. i want to watch more Friends [i'm watching them in order from season 1-10] but its 4:09am and i know i need to sleep soon.

+ tomorrow i will meet up with merissa and we're going to the batting cages! i'm so so so excited! i miss softball sooo much and batting cages are one of my favorite things! oh if only a boy would take me to the cages on a date! that'd be amazing! afterwards i might hang out with elle or if i dont, i'm headed back to hohenwald i think. i need to do some laundry and ill probably hang out with bryan since my parents are still gone.

i promise to have a better entry soon! i have many ~drafts that i just haven't finished yet <3


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