// Things I Love Thursday v.285

I know... it's Friday. To be fair, this was supposed to go up yesterday. I should really switch blogging platforms...

these signs on our dixie league dugouts ♥
Things I Love Thursday via This Charming Life
this adorable freaking bag! ♥
Things I Love Thursday via This Charming Life
this illustrator ♥
Things I Love Thursday via This Charming Life
♥ this neon sign needs to get in my house STAT ♥
Things I Love Thursday via This Charming Life
♥ this stunning tattoo (source?) ♥
Things I Love Thursday via This Charming Life
this llama painting ♥
♥ this photo (+ every photo) by cassie rosch via daisynatives
this local nashville artist ♥

♥ me, 24/7 ♥
happiest in nashville... literally the softest shirt i own ♥

"It wasn’t just my marriage that was over, it was me. I was done with not being happy, with not being the woman I truly am, and with not living a life that felt connected to my soul.  
In truth, it was me that broke long before my marriage did—and so I had no other choice but to break it so that I could find myself again—and perhaps really for the first time."

// Did you know there's an actual rosé festival?! Pinknic, I need to be in you.

// I just got this swimsuit in the mail via AMI Clubwear and holy crap it's so cute. The racerback tank top style matched with the high waisted bottoms is definitely my jam. Also super digging the contrast between the black and white striped top and the peach bottoms! And it's currently 50% off! 

// Trends I'm loving right now: tassles and pom poms! and jungle/wild animal themed bags.

// Try this: Make Ahead Smoothies.

// I am feeling absolutely everything about Marc Jacobs' latest stuff.

"For a long time, I held onto anger and resentment for things people had done to me. Forgiving someone doesn’t mean we let the bad behaviors continue. It means we create boundaries, but also understand that people are who they are and we cannot change them. We can only change our reaction to them, how often we spend time with them, and whether or not we let it go. I try to be like the ocean. I may have a wave of anger, but it comes and then goes just as quickly."
// Looking for a (legit) way to make a couple extra bucks online? This site has all kinds of surveys and stuff to get in on!

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