// Things I Love Thursday v.286

A day late... again. But this time I had a gnarrrrrly case of strep. That has not been fun...
Things I Love Thursday
this stunning typography ♥
Things I Love Thursday
♥ this rad collage ♥
Things I Love Thursday
this blueberry mojito ♥
Things I Love Thursday
this bomb creative direction ♥
Things I Love Thursday
this WHOA milkshake ♥
Things I Love Thursday
♥ this MOM flash ♥
Things I Love Thursday
♥ this rad sandbox playhouse ♥
Things I Love Thursday
these brand new tattoos !!! ♥
Things I Love Thursday
these adorable cookies ♥
Earmo Smart Thermometer
this smart thermometer just went live on indiegogo ♥
I actually have this thermometer - with all the packaging in chinese (i think?) haha! It's *really* nice though (and the funded product would be packaged in english obviously)! As a doula and a mom I like to be in the know on all the snazzy gadgets and gear, and this little thing didn't disappoint. I didn't realize, before operating it, that everything shows up with little LED indicator lights on the front of the thermometer, because it looks like it's solid white plastic. That was a neat feature! It has 1-second results and a corresponding app, too. The ability to swipe and compare to the most recent reading is great if you're tracking someone's temp. I actually used this to convince myself to *finally* go to the doctor on Thursday morning because I most definitely have a gnarly case of strep. That 102* fever was the pits. Anyway - You can snag it for over 50% off if you back their crowdsourcing campaign, FYI! It looks like it will *definitely* get funded which is awesome.

// Sale alert: Get 20% off everything (under $500) - including sale items - at Shopbop! If you spend over $500 then you get 25% off everything! If you need any ideas: awesome pool floats, fun enamel pins and overalls should get you started! (The sale has been extended until 11:59 PST Sunday April 16th!)

// Steampunk sculptures from trash... these are pretty freaking neat!

// Pro Tip: If you have kiddos who love to play with toy vehicles, you should totally get some of this Play Tape stuff! I have a couple rolls (and curves!) for the boys, and you can even peel it up and reapply it. Praiiiiiise being able to do away with those awful and huge Hot Wheels tracks haha

// Get paid to give your opinion - side cash, holllla!

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