// M I X T A P E - v.1 February


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I've had a few folks ask if I'd ever start my Mixtape Mondays back up again since I had been embedding songs randomly into my posts haha Well, here it is! I'm not sure how often I'll share them - monthly maybe? bi-weekly? Maybe just when the feeling strikes. I don't know, but I know they won't all be themed like they used to be so, hope you're cool with that.

Starting it off with these 10 tracks - They've been played over and over and over the past couple weeks so I'm working on getting sick of them ha! You do it too, right? Hopefully you'll find something you're digging up there. Let me know your favs if you get a chance!

xo KB

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  1. Neat. I am listening to the list right now. I love playlists and always forget to put music on when i am doing work from the computer. Thanks for the reminder and the great tunes. Sounds pretty so far. I have not heard of any of these bands. I love discovering new ones, so thank you!


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