// A Charming New Look!

Just trying to keep things kinda, sorta, a little bit fresh around here. Something a bit more subtle for spring. C'moooonnnnn green stuff! Grow! I'm working on wrapping up two client projects this week so naturally I needed to take a little breather to tinker with a personal project or three. Nothing major or fancy, but fresh for sure. If you're looking to have any design work done (blogs, print, logo, etc), drop me an email and let's chat!

xo KB


  1. I love it - I always love when you revamp your blog! And redesign. I really need to be more on the ball with that myself. It's been forever.. hell my bio still says I'm a 30 something blogger... (Homegirl turned 40 in December of last year) ;) haha

    1. Aw thanks lady! And I had to just go in and update mine for the same reason haha :P

  2. It looks GREAT! well done lady <3 Your blog has been one of my favorites for a long time and its been cool to see your blog design morph and evolve over the years!

  3. i love it! i’m still hoping to have you design a look for my blog someday! <3


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