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What I Wore Canadian Tuxedo - How To Wear Denim on Denim
Oh snap! Look at that! A REAL outfit post! Without any mirrors! Whaaaaaaa. After almost a year of (almost) no outfit posts, I'm back. Thank goodness for friends and their willingness to spare an hour here and there to help me get back at it. I've been rocking a whole lot'a Canadian Tuxedo lately. Of course I'm still wearing the same jeggings and boots so... The good news is I got my hands on a pair of these booties in both black and tan leather. These booties were from LuLu*s (I previously thought they were from ModCloth - but nope!) circa 2012-ish so I was pretty convinced I'd never be able to find them again. But you can get your hands on the brown and black leather ones for under $25 each!  (If your size isn't in stock, try these! They're a few bucks more expensive, but they're readily available in loads of sizes!) Believe me when I say they are the most comfortable pair of boots I've ever owned. I wear them non-stop, obviously, but I love the fit and I really love the wide ankle opening. Even after losing weight my bottom half - thighs + booty especially - is still much curvier than my top, not to mention my legs are super short, so I can only pull off really tight, fitted jeans like these. The wide ankle really balances the skinny peg leg of the pants. You don't want to see how ridiculous I look in a more relaxed jean haha

What I Wore Canadian Tuxedo - How To Wear Denim on Denim
What I Wore Canadian Tuxedo - How To Wear Denim on Denim
How about this amazing crochet (?) top?! I scored this at Ross recently and I just love it. I get more compliments on this shirt than any other one I own I'm pretty sure. Y'all, I love Ross. I love never knowing what I'll find. Not unlike anywhere else it can be hit or miss sometimes, but usually when you find a hit, it's a total score. This shirt is no exception. I wish I could link to it online, but I guess that's part of the thrill/charm of shopping at Ross... you gotta go mosey around for yourself! I did have a blog reader tell me she was able to get her hands on one at her local store so if you want to rock this little number, run to your nearest Ross and dig around for it! And let me know if you snag one! // My chambray button-up shirt is the best fit, color, and feel. Seriously, this thing is buttery soft. It's from American Eagle and I love the subtle pearl snaps.

What I Wore Canadian Tuxedo - How To Wear Denim on Denim
The boys are with Mike this week and I'm trying to make the most of having a quiet house all to myself. I managed to get it super clean and tidy, and I've outlined my To Do List for the week - now I'm diving in. If anyone is interested in coming over to help me tackle my studio room, that'd be rad! ;) I have so many craft supplies and stuff to sort, organize, etc. I'm loving having a dedicated space to work though. Having a table that is okay with getting paint all over it is very liberating. Here's to hoping it helps ignite my motivation and creativity - I'm excited to make things!

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outfit details:
Black Sonoma Everyday Cami via Kohls (on sale and *so* comfortable)
Mossimo Jeggings via Target (save 20% with code TWENTY!)

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  2. Glad to see an outfit post! I am always nervous to try the jean on jean look. Do you have thoughts on the wash? Is it better to try and keep them similar or no? So excited maybe I will be brave enough to try this now because you are rocking it!

    1. My personal opinion is that they look best when slightly different shades - not enough to be like WHOA, contrast! but also not similar enough that you look like Justin and Britney circa 2001 haha I tend to opt for darker on the bottom and lighter on top. Try it and see how you feel! :D

  3. As a Canadian, I can say you are rocking the tuxedo! Looking great as always!

  4. This looks fabulous! I try to always avoid denim on top and bottom...when I wear denim shirt, it's with black jeans. You make this look very good. I think it's both the different shades of denim, and the fact that the white shirt is longer so breaks up the denim. Also love the black under the white shirt. I have some boots almost like those, they are from Target a couple years ago...wish I'd bought two pairs.


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