// Toby Turns Eight!

Toby turned eight on Friday! I can't believe my biggest little man is eight! I wanted to make sure he felt extra special Friday morning because it had been a bit of a long/rough week for him, so I decorated his bedroom door while he slept. His face when he woke up the next morning was absolutely precious. (I totally took a video, but he was in his skivvies so I won't do that to him haha!) I let him open his gifts before he went to school and then once he got home I let him pick what he wanted to do for his birthday. He opted for the trampoline park in Franklin, so we loaded up and headed north. Sky Zone was surprisingly empty so we all 3 enjoyed our 60 minutes of jumping. Linden and Toby both really love the foam pit. I'll admit it's totally fun to jump into! haha

After Sky Zone Toby wanted pizza and cake, so we picked up both of those before heading back toward home. Birthday parties are so hard to have in December due to everyone's hectic schedules. Christmas parties, family gatherings, errands and other obligations - I was afraid that if we tried to whip up a last minute party then it'd be an epic fail. Instead we're going to have a super fun movie night at Whitney's with her crew this coming weekend. Pillow forts, popcorn, and old favorites like The Sandlot and Little Rascals. 

This week is Toby's last week of the Fall semester so come Friday he will be home for like, three weeks! I'm excited to have him home more because Linden loves it, and when he's around L wants to be just like him. This allows me brief moments of productivity ha. Christmas is less than 2 weeks away and there is just so much I still need to do. My work schedule has been absolutely bonkers lately, but that's a story for another time. Until then, I'll leave you with these snapchat photos of Brother Bear's happy day!

xo KB

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