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So Christmas is in like, less than 3 weeks... How about that, huh? Sheesh. I'm not even remotely prepared for any of it, so I need to get my act in gear. This week is mostly doula clients and tackling some projects around the house. I started refinishing my bathtub over the weekend because I knew the boys would be gone for 2 full days and I could always crash with Whitney. Lord have mercy I had no idea it would be as messy as it was haha The spray epoxy went on fine, but it creates clouds and clouds of mist and overspray - so my entire bathroom floor is now sticky with epoxy mist. But I was planning on redoing the floor anyway so I guess that's what I'll be doing at some point this week. I really need to give it another coat but then that means another 72 hours of curing. That's kind of tough when you have one bathroom... haha 

I worked a postpartum overnight shift on Sunday and then I had to drive straight to a prenatal appointment with a client in Murfreesboro Monday morning. While I was there I got a call from Toby's school saying he was sick and needed to come home. Totally what you want to hear when you're an hour and 45 minutes away... Luckily my mom was able to scoop him up and keep him until I could get home. Turns out Tobes has a nasty case of the flu. ugh. The poor kid is in so much pain and agony. This is the first real bout of "serious" sickness since becoming a single mom and holy crap y'all. This shit is hard. It's hard. It breaks my heart to see him so pitiful. I'm also really really hoping neither Linden nor I catch it. I've been using Lysol like mad.

I'm really hoping Tobes starts feeling better soon because his birthday is Friday (!!!) and y'all, he's turning eight! That's so wild. I'm hoping that if he doesn't have a super busy day at school that I can swoop in and steal him for some birthday fun. Clearly we're just living the dream over here, right? :P

xo KB

PS; I bought jeans! And I like them! 2016, you've been somethin'

sources: [outfit one] red dress // ankle booties // unicorn case [outfit two] nasty woman tee // ponte leggings // hoodie jacket // birks [outfit three] black lace shirt // black jeans

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