// Things I Love Thursday v.274

At this point I just need to stop pretending this is even close to a regular Thursday feature anymore haha! Who knows when it'll ever go up! TiLT posts are my favorite to write but they just take so long!

// I bought myself a couple of things for Christmas... Tis the season, right? this watermelon bag // this 'mornings blow' mug // and a couple books: the little bacon cookbook and #howtwolive

// I know ~weavings and wall hangings basically slap you in the face every time you open the internet, but this one is really pretty... even though it is most definitely not handmade.

// Wishlist Wears: this lace dress // this entire outfit is perfection // confetti purse! // i love jackets - especially this green moto // loving the pattern and cut of this bathing suit // so so cozy! // this super feminine little dress // this hat is so ridiculous but i totally want it // i hate the way the top is cut but i love everything else about this dress // all of these cozy socks

xo KB


  1. Just had to send that lamp to my Mom, so cool! And now I want to do lots of shopping!

  2. Those DIY stockings are so cute! ♥

    With Love,
    Anna || Curly Yorker

  3. So I am 100% NOT a fan of wall hangings for hte most part - I tend to think they look really shabby and thrown-together. But - I have found the closest thing to them that I really, truly love:


    Meredith Piper paints, too, but some of her stuff involves fiber woven into frames and it's just flat-out gorgeous. It helps that she lives in my town, haha, that's how I found her - but how beautiful are these pieces?!


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