// Things I Love Thursday v.272

An all-links installment of TiLT here today! I've been having some issues with images breaking and posts refusing to publish as scheduled. Is it Mercury Retrograde? Of course not, just some wonky luck right now haha. Hope you enjoy what's below!

// If you spend a lot of time ironing or steaming your clothes, you need this iron. I know this because I own it and it's seriously idiot-proof. Maybe that sounds terrible to say, but there may have been a time or seven where I went to iron a second item (way different fabric) and I forgot to change the heat settings. This totally takes care of that for you. You're welcome. :P (But really - awesome Christmas gift idea)

// Ever wanted flats that looked like crayons? Because that's totally a thing. In blue, too! (I forgot all about my JC pencil flats til just now! Gotta go find those!)

// LGBT motorcycle gang delivers breast milk to babies and it's a brilliant use of resources. (Though "club" would've been a better term for the title)

// Since going to the gym has become a regular part of my routine, I've been noticing so many cute sportswear separates (basically sweatpants. whatever.) These SUNDRY zippered sweatpants are SO CUTE! And I'm *this* close to ordering these Fame joggers from Wildfox.

// If you click on nothing else in this post, at least click on this! It's a Trump hat ornament (Yep, the "Make America Great Again" hat) and the reviews. are. HILARIOUS! I have died laughing I swear.

// Coffee lover in your life? Zoku has an iced coffee maker that's just a tumbler. So rad.

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  1. yesss! omg those Mexican dancers are amazing and thanks for making me click through to mod cloth - I'm getting so many great gift ideas for my friends!

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra

  2. OHMYGOSH YES! That first link- the article on finding the love of your life after making the mistake of your life.... so very true. :)


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