// Things I Love Thursday v.260

these amazing illustrations ♥
♥ this. ♥
this adorable pup ♥
this house is unreal! ♥
♥ this is so true ♥
this custom ducati ♥
these bouquets ♥
this reminder ♥
this neon sign ♥
this gif ♥

// I need to find the perfect beach bag. These Hat Attack ones are so pretty!

// 3 days only! Shopbop is having a sale! Take an extra 25% off your sale purchase with the code 25EXTRA!

// Currently on the hunt for a pretty new wallet. I'm leaning toward one from Kate Spade. Help me decide!

xo KB


  1. I always love these posts. The things plus size girls can't do video is one of my favorite things right now!

  2. Oh my gosh... I totally got Jean-Ralphio!!! I can't stop laughing... and wanting to sing at a very high octave!

    Kudos to Vanderbilt!!!

  3. those first illustrations are lovely! and that 7 yr old? Hilare.

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra

  4. Hey girl! I'm the artist for the no wrong way to have a body drawing. http://www.redbubble.com/people/glorifyobesity/works/16446689-no-wrong-way-to-have-a-body

    1. Oh hooray! I will add that link as soon as I get to my computer! ☺️

  5. I got Ben Wyatt hahahaha oh no

  6. Im in love with the first illustrations they are so pretty and the owl gif is amazing!


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