// Summertime Entertaining on the Deck

* Apologies in the delay posting this! Technical difficulties have pushed posts back ~one day or so. Look for my TiLT post tomorrow!

Sitting on the deck is one of my favorite parts of Summer. I love to socialize and even sit quietly alone on my deck all season long. There's some thick wooded areas around our house so our neighborhood sits nestled in this little forest of sorts, despite being inside city limits. I love how green everything gets around here! I've been getting a lot of deck time in lately as Linden is up and ready to be outside well before 7am on most days. I often jump on his tiny trampoline with him, or play with him in the sandbox, but he really digs playing with the older kids or on his own. That leaves me with plenty of time to kick back on the furniture or hammock, and take in the sunshine. Lately Amy (my neighbor) has been meeting me on the deck each morning to chit chat while the children start to wrestle their way outside. It's a nice start to my day! Since it was especially pretty the other day, I whipped up a fruit tray, some tangy punch, and pulled out all of my goodies I snagged at Michaels

This month's Michaels Makers challenge was to create an entertaining space or event. We didn't really have any reason to throw a party (but isn't that in itself the best reason to throw a party?), but I loved scouring the outdoor lighting aisle because that is riiiiight up my alley. Give me twinklelights or give me death! Or something like that. Anyway, I scooped up some long strands of bulbs, some white "paper" lanterns to hang in the tree, a couple super cute embroidered/stamped pillows, and a big box of awesome flameless candles! Oh, and those adorable bottlecap stools?! Also from Michaels! And for like 50% off! They were only $25 each, y'all! They also had them in red and I'm so tempted to go buy 2 more so there is plenty of seating and side tables to be used on the deck. I know our Summer will be full of BBQs and all that jazz, so I'm preparing! I've also ordered some outdoor goodies from Sunny Life via Shopbop, so I can't wait to entertain with them.

I love how the space lights up at night. It's so warm and inviting! It's especially pretty from the hammock below the deck! I can't wait to have loads of girls' nights here, that's for sure. ♥ If you want to check out the other Makers' spaces and creations, hop over to The Glue String! From paper crafts, party goods and baking supplies to new outdoor lighting, glass and floral, Michaels is your DIY destination for all of your summer celebrations. 


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