// Things I Love Thursday v.242

this embroidery is amazing! ♥
this pretty wrapping ♥
♥ this. i am linda belcher. ♥
♥ this girl! biggest crush on melanie martinez ♥
this photo ♥
this insane hyper-realistic painting ♥
this. ♥
♥ heart eyes forever for luke ♥
this photo ♥
this rose-snoozing lizard ♥

// I photograph the homeless by becoming one of them. These portraits are incredible.

// I love this blanket. It looks so cozy!

// If you're itching to travel, this site will be your best friend! I love me some Isla Mujeres, and I now really really want to visit this bar!

// Wishlist Wears: the perfect tulle skirt // a kitten jacket // THE COTTON CANDY JACKET OF MY DREAMS! // but then there's also this jacket! // a pair of iridescent platform sneakers // this dark purple dress is so incredible // this skirt and belt combo // this is the best tee shirt ever // this fun lumberjack scarf // i love the fun print on this dress // HOLY GOLDEN BEAUTY!

// I've never bought rain boots before, but I'm kind of wanting a pair for Fall. Any recommendations? (Real talk: I seriously never knew there were so many variations of Hunters before! WHA!)

What are you loving this week?

xo KB


  1. Hey Kaehla,
    Just letting you know the link for the ornaments and the blanket is linking to a modcloth dress! I really wanted to see them haha

    1. Oooh thanks for the heads up! I just fixed both of them! xoxox

  2. always my favorite read of the week! that embroidery is jaw dropping and thanks for the Wanderlusty! ah, I'm dreaming of traveling again and I already have three trips planned....this is dangerous!

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra

  3. I love your Things I Love Thursday posts! You always share so many great things. I really love the embroidery and can't get over the hyper-realistic painting - they are both so incredible. Also the son/father halloween costumes are fantastic, what a hilarious idea!

  4. DUDE. Your link posts are the best out there. I purposely don't read your blog all the time- I like to let the posts stack up so that I can settle in now and then for a nice long indulgent perusal. Thank you!


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