// Things I Love Thursday v.223

It's been a while, TiLT. The past few weeks have been a bit hectic (as I've said every chance I've gotten) but summer is on its way and I'm ready! Here's my (almost) weekly picks for all things wonderful! xo

♥ these cute baby goats ♥

this gorgeous painting ♥

this incredible campaign ♥

♥ this sunset ♥

♥ these snoop photos ♥

♥ the struggle is real ♥

this series from east nashville's own emily blincoe ♥

this is hilarious. 12 disney princesses as lukewarm bowls of water ♥
these handmade-in-Guatemala bowties! ♥

// The May TeaBoxExpress box is up for grabs until May 5th! You can use CLUELESS20 or TRYTEABOX20 to get 20% off your first month! The April box was an Earth Day theme and had the most delicious tea in it.

// 10 reasons why this generation is loving the ability to be in love.

// I got a bunch of Community Coffee in the mail a couple of weeks ago and I've been enjoying some cold brew iced coffee ever since. I'm so excited for summer! (Creme Brulee iced coffee = SO GOOD!)

What are you loving this week?


  1. Baby goats always makes me happy, they are so cute! Have a great Thursday :)


  2. The marriage article is kind of ridiculous, because the divorce rate has actually been dropping. People are waiting a bi tlonger to get married, but overall marriage is working better than it was thirty or even twenty years ago. Argh. I hate stuff like that because it takes anecdotes and turns it into "OUR GENERATION CANNOT DO (INSERT THING) BECAUSE I CANNOT DO THE THING AND THAt IS THE SAME AS EVERYONE ELSE NOT DOING THE THING" and... that annoys me.

    1. I do agree like that are largely anecdotal, and i hate millennial bashing too. but I do find value in the experiences of others, if only to help keep my own perspective in check.

    2. Yeah, I should probably add that I've been seeing a LOT of these articles all over the place lately and I think this one just tipped me over the edge into ranting, haha. I feel like so many of them are just sort of lambasting an entire generation/two generations of people based on faulty assumptions or sort of shaming people whose marriages involve these so-terrible things but who aren't being affected the way the article writer is.

    3. Completely agree. I think marriage does still work for some people, but it's also nice that other people don't have to be married to continue. But it's not something we should make a huge deal about. As you said, we're waiting longer before getting married these days and making wiser choices and that's the important thing.

  3. Those goats are too cute. That painting is fantastic.. and those posters. I LOVE those posters. So powerful!

    Midwest Darling

  4. When I saw the name of the article about checking your phone over playing with your kids and I was like 'oh that's weird' but after reading it I can see where she's coming from. Not a parent though and I don't ever really plan on it so not really my place!
    Love Hayley,
    Water Painted Dreams

  5. GOATS!!!! I want a pet goat :D

  6. Loved that one about the cell phone! Could really relate to it, it was nice to not feel so guilty and was an interesting point of view. I think it all comes down to balance and doing the best job you can do.
    PS: Linden is adorable, my second Freja is about a month younger.

  7. Those floral pics in differing colours are just captivating, so simple, but so effective! Em x


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