// Linden Atlas - Nine Months

Linden Atlas is nine. months. old! I need to start thinking about his first birthday at this point... yikes! This past month was all about asserting his independence. Crawling everywhere, trying to climb on things, learning to stand all on his own (!!!)... it's been pretty exciting (and exhausting and stressful haha). He's starting to really "see" the world, I think. He's my happy little guy.

At 8 months old, Linden:
- weighed 21.5 pounds (!!!! - at his 9 month visit)
- was 29" tall (at his 9 month visit)
- learned to clap and thinks it's just the best thing.
- started eating three full meals a day.
- dipped his toes in the water (at a waterfall!) for the first time
- learned to stand up all on his own.
- learned to ride his little push-car.
- fell a lot. (So many little bumps and bruises to try and doctor up)
- is finally starting to get some actual hair (!!! - it's wispy, but it's growing!)

Next month brings the double digits... y'all, I am not ready for this!


  1. Linden and both of your dogs are so cute! My step sister's twin boys turn 1 this weekend. In addition to the twins, they have two english bulldogs who the twins adore (most of our family have bulldogs lol).


  2. Wow, how fast is time going?! If i think that, I can only imagine time must be going even faster. It doesn't seem like that long ago you were blogging about him being born. It's scary how fast time goes.

    He looks so happy in all of these photos, and you look lovely. Really like your dress in that first photo of you and Linden.

  3. Such a cutie! Did he just get into the marshmallow bag on his own because if he did that's pretty funny and cute!

  4. Love looking at the pictures and reading this. Since I had my girl 16 weeks ago I also keep thinking that I need to document more. Every moment is so precious...
    Just wondering: what are you carrying with? Is that "just" a scarf or a specific brand? Think I need one of those...
    Thanks :-)

  5. I am just so happy for you! Being a mom looks so natural for you, it gives me hope for when it finally happens for me. Such a cute little button you have too, love the mickey outfit!


  6. Aww... Look at that one happy little fella. So cute and so handsome :)

    Dara | Hola Darla | @DarlaOct

  7. what a cute baby boy!! love this photos!!

  8. What a smiley little man :)


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