// Cedar Lake

These photos were taken back at the beginning of March. We spent part of the day roaming around Long Hunter State Park one Saturday. Everything was still wet and dead basically, but I'm itching to stop back by now that everything is blooming! It was such a stunning view of the lake. I could totally see us venturing over for a family picnic or something, too. I like to lurk through the geotagged images on Instagram to get an idea of what parts to scope out. There's so much we haven't explored! I wrapped Linden up in my Sakura Bloom Cedar sling and it was the perfect way to tote him around. It's crazy looking at these photos because he already looks so different! My baby will be 9 months old this week... I can't even handle it.

This outfit was one that I wore entirely too much! I'd wake up, put it on, wear it all day, and then maybe wear it again the next day. I know that sounds terrible (I promise I did laundry! haha) but it became my comfortable "go to" outfit. The dress is from LuLu's several years ago. (I wore it here!) The booties are from Blowfish even longer ago I think! It's been fun to scour my closet for things I haven't worn in quite some time. I'm finding old favorites and making them new again. (Speaking of which, I really need to do a Kaelah's Closet clean out... I keep saying I'm going to. But I'm really going to this time!)

Taking the past week off from blogging really helped me deal with everything life threw my way. It really was nice to just sort of unplug a bit. Ever since I stopped making such a fuss to blog X number of times a week I've found that I can just enjoy life. It's sort of sad how tedious and chore-like things like blogging can become. Especially if you rely on it for any sort of monetary compensation. I've agreed to some campaigns here and there, but for the most part I just want to share photos from our days. The new blog design (and name) will be up soon. I know some of y'all already know the name as I've been testing out an email signature with it for the past month or so. I thought that'd be a nice and easy (and non-intrusive) way to see if I could stick with it. I actually almost just named it "untitled" or "blog" because since I'm not worried about marketing myself or growing my blog, the name really doesn't matter. Those would have been totally creative, right?! ha

Life's current struggles include trying to find time to grocery shop and keeping up with washing Toby's baseball uniform in time for his next game. I feel like we're at the baseball fields 24/7 so the house is messy, the fridge is bare, and I'm so sick of drive-thru meals. What is time and how do I get ahead of it?! There are worse things in life, I guess! xo

LuLu*s dress
Mak cardgian via ModCloth
No Nonsense tights
Blowfish booties
Mama & Little teething necklace (c/o)
Sakura Bloom "Cedar" ring sling


  1. I can't wait to see your new blog design an name. I can remember when you became the Clueless Girl but can't remember what it was called before, so I imagine people will take to the new name no problem :)
    Love Hayley,
    Water Painted Dreams

  2. This outfit - love. All my favorite outfit things are happening here, haha. That cardigan is basically the perfect color, haha.

    Linen is so biiiiig make him stop! He looks too grown up! Unacceptable. ;)

    I feel you on time. I feel like every time I turn around I'm desperately trying to find five minutes to sweep a floor or start a load of laundry or clean something before we have to go to bed/put the baby to bed/run out the door/get ready for work.

  3. He literally has the cutest smile ever!!


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