// Sailing Away

I'm seriously so tempted to do a full on "Fleet Week" on my blog... nothing but a week's worth of nautical inspired outfits haha! It's one trend that never feels outdated. Maybe that's just me? This is what I wore for a mini "date day" with Mike last Saturday. My mom took the boys for the latter half of the day and we ran errands in Franklin. I ended up being insanely windy that day, and I may or may not have shown a few people more than I meant to... haha! This dress is so comfortable and really well made. I was afraid it would be too long for me, but I really quite like where it hits. The top of the dress makes it! The bow, the collar... it's so perfect. My cardigan was also the exact same navy hue, so it felt like fate. I don't wear my hair up very often (on the blog... in real life it's 24/7) but this is my "mom hair, don't care" look. Since I wear Linden a lot, I have to be able to keep my hair out of his tiny (strong!) little hands. 

I am so so looking forward to this weekend! Mike's parents are taking the boys Saturday and keeping them overnight (!!!) so we can enjoy a Valentine's Day together. Goodness knows we need it! I'm trying to let go of the reins a little but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't sort of freaking out. I've never been away from Linden for more than a few hours at a time, so to have him in someone else's care for a full night... ahhhh! I mean, obviously Mike's parents are incredibly capable. I trust them 100%, but I get a little stressed thinking of Linden crying. I'm going to do my best to enjoy our evening together though. We don't have any concrete plans yet, but we're thinking maybe dinner in Florence and then just spending some quality time together. We'll see! 

Don't forget you can take part in the Unique Vintage #IamUnique campaign by using the hashtag on social media! I'm super stoked to be part of their first Style Society and I've had a lot of fun so far. Be sure to pop over to the UV blog to see what the 5 of us have been up to! xo

Bon Voyage dress c/o Unique Vintage
Navy cardigan c/o Unique Vintage
Thrifted red belt
Romwe flats


  1. oh my! This outfit couldn't be anymore perfect and you should so do a full nautical week. That would be a dream! I need this dress. xx

  2. Hope you have an amazing Valentine's Day with Mike! Love this dress on you - so pretty!

  3. This outfit is so beautiful, you look great, it really suits you. I'm a big fan of nautical so I'd enjoy a nautical week.

  4. Those colors are so flattering on you! And I'm totally jealous of how well your bun is put together. Mine just fails every time lol

  5. you look gorgeous! and have a wonderful night!


  6. That dress is so cute!!! I love nautical inspired clothing and that is adorable.

  7. Girl, your self described "Mom hair don't care" is about the cutest thing ever!

  8. That dress is SO amazing! I love the collar! Hope all went well over Valentines day and that you managed to relax a bit. xox

  9. Please show me how you do your hair!

  10. I'm on board with nautical week. That's definitely a style I never tire of. This sailor dress is the cutest!

    Jamie | PetitePanoply.com


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