// Things I Love Thursday v.180

Holy moly! I just realized how much I did not blog this past week! Sheesh... Well, I'm here to make up for it with a super rad TiLT. But then again I always think my TiLTs are rad soooo... I hope you enjoy it anyway! Happy Thursday! xo

these are the BEST easter eggs for any graphic designer! ♥
this photo would be gorgeous blown up on a wall ♥
this might be the best gif on the internet ♥
♥ but this gif gives it a run for its money ♥
these cross-stitched microbes! ♥
this place is so gorgeous! ♥
this may be the world's most reasonable question... ♥
this looks like the most delicious thing in the WORLD! ♥

this photoshoot with aubrey plaza is everything! ♥

this coffee mug is so rad! ♥
this water looks delicious! ♥

// I love this little shop. Not only is Fritha an absolute doll, but her online store is overflowing with cuteness.

// This video is way funnier than it should be haha!

// Foodie Finds: garlic parmesan french fries // loaded cheesy potato balls // parmesan au gratin potatoes (this pregnancy makes me want cheesy potatoes... what can i say?!) // strawberry pineapple slush // avocado fries (!!!) // salted caramel granola bars

// 25 fun facts about 'A League of Their Own'. This is so up my alley! Thanks Diana!

// Remember Michael Vick's terrible dogfighting ring? This will warm your heart!

// Wishlist Wears: the eyelet pattern on this dress is just too good // these sandals are my favorite kind of sandals! // this dress is the perfect color, pattern and cut! // these island loafers! // normally i don't gravitate to this color or length, but i'm digging it here // under the sea heels! with scallops! // this bright green and fuchsia dress is perfect for a 60's throwback // crocheted lace oxfords!

// DIY ice cream cone easter eggs... They look beautiful, but I would not eat them haha!

// I'm so tempted to steal (I mean, borrow!) this Snapshot blog idea. It's the perfect way to do a weekly wrap-up of life's happenings for the blog!

// Free printable clothing swap invites! These are so cute!

What are you loving this week?


  1. OMG that french toast (I think?) pic has my mouth watering. Love those Easter eggs, so fun!

  2. I featured those eggs on my blog this week too. LOVE them. Also love the breastfeeding article. Although I am nursing and plan to for at least several more months (I love it!), I had panic attacks during my pregnancy and they were hell. Thankfully they disappeared, but I get the author's decision. I really do. xo

  3. That water does look delicious! And that is so funny about 11!!!


  4. Ok that buzzfeed article with the graphs about daily life had me cracking up. Love it!

  5. omg that herpes cross stitch... #dead lol

  6. Onety one, haha. And infused waters are so yummy! They have an infuse pitcher at Bad Bath n Beyond and I love it! Pineapple and mint water will change your life.

  7. I loved that not breast feeding article. It came at the perfect time for me as I am ten weeks pregnant and had stopped taking my prozac months before because I thought it would harm our chances of falling. Only last week did I meet a doctor who said she would rather I be happy and less stressed than suffering through my anxiety and depression. It's nice to know I'm not alone!

  8. Hahah onety one, that made me laugh out loud!

  9. OH MY GOD those ferrets! ahah and the cat looks mental!

  10. Let's starts a onety one movement!!!


  11. you absolute darling! I just saw this, thanks so much lady!! xxx


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