// Things I Love Thursday v.179

this is the coolest plant pot ever. ♥
this globe is made of thousands of tiny, individually painted matchsticks! ♥
this is the best thing EVER. what a great mom! ♥
this! dogs are so amazing. ♥
this wheelchair-friendly stroller is amazing. what a cool design! ♥
this photo is so hauntingly beautiful. ♥
this is the best advice. ♥
this photo is touching in such a simple way. ♥
these cat head planters! ♥

// We're currently on what feels like a never ending hunt for two area rugs, like these from FloorsUSA, for our living room and the nursery. Crossing our fingers we find something snazzy soon!

// Have you ever seen a banana sing Celine Dion? Now you have.

// I'm done making my kid's childhood magical. I'd love to hear what you fellow parents thought of this article. Personally, I found it to be pretty powerful and direct. So much time and effort is spent on making sure our children are attended to 24/7... but most of my favorite memories from growing up were just me playing with my friends in the neighborhood.

// If you're into the black and white printed leggings look, these and these would be perfect (and affordable!) for your wardrobe!

// This is hands down one of the best dresses I've ever gotten from ModCloth. Everything about it is absolutely perfect and I'm definitely going to wear it out this Spring/Summer!

// Joelle shared a blog post in reply to a reader's question about getting started as a blogger.

// America, why are you naming all of your boys like this? This is pretty fascinating to me since the baby name game has taken over my brain the past few months. We've decided on a name for Baby Flynn... It may or may not end in "N" haha

// Roxy's dinner party post got me thinking about hosting our own sometime soon. Here's my question for y'all - What makes the best dinner party for you? Any tips you want to share?!

What are you loving this week?


  1. I love this, the planters at the top of the post are just PERFECT!

    justrach.com xo

  2. I love your TILT's , always make me smile :)

  3. I love those cat planters SO much, and that birth announcement. I love when parents support their children and I LOVE how she was kind, yet straight forward in saying If you have a problem, get over it. haha!
    I always love the dresses and clothes that you link up on Thursdays, and I wish I could just buy a dress knowing it'll fit. I'm so picky how they look on me!

  4. Those plant pots are wonderful!! If I had those, I don't think I'd forget to water my plants! :)

  5. That article about the pressure to make a childhood magical actually made me cry! I constantly fear I'm not doing enough since I see all of these parents going all out online. I have the ability to do it too, but I also enjoy making for my business. It's a constant daily struggle to "do it all". I forwarded the article to my husband too.

    1. Isn't it SUCH a nice change of pace/perspective from parents being at their kids' every beck and call? I think a lot of parents (even the "overachievers") feel this way, but parent-guilt is REAL. So glad you were able to read it, lady! I can tell you're an amazing mom to sweet C!

  6. Those plant pots are adorable! Watering the plans would be so much fun.

  7. I want that rainy pot planter! Do you know where I could buy it? I am having a hard time tracking it down online.

    1. Yep! Here ya go: http://dailylifelab.com/xe/News/5483

  8. That plant pot is amazing, I need a little collection of these in my kitchen. Great post, just discovered your blog. Love it!
    Gem. x

  9. I adore those plant pots what great idea!



  10. Those plant pots are adorable!
    I also love this idea for a blog post. Great idea!


  11. You had me at wheelchair stroller. How have I never seen that before???


  12. Haha, I love that parenting article. I'm not interested in having my own kids--at least not anytime remotely soon--but I always shake my head at all the moms I know who seem to dedicate SO much of their free time and creativity to over-the-top beautiful things for their toddlers. Do you remember what it was like to be a kind? I guarantee you those kids don't even notice or appreciate that stuff and will totally take it for granted. I mean, I think people should ultimately follow their bliss and do what they enjoy, but it makes me feel like maybe the moms should be using more time for themselves and developing more of an identity beyond just ~perfect mama~

    I had and still do have a great relationship with my parents, but we let each other live our lives. My friends and own little creative world were so important to me and shape so many important memories in my development as an independent person. My parents both had full time jobs and their own hobbies and I loved that about them. This quote from the article was my exact experience and it was perfect for us. "Our parents were around in case we needed something or there was accident, but they were not our main source of entertainment."

  13. Elephants and dogs in the same post... I am getting emotional now!
    Those plant pots are so cool by the way. Not to mention the hauntingly beautiful photo... Wow!

  14. I agree; I was allowed a lot of time to myself/free time to run around as a kid and those hours of freedom were priceless. I could just go ride my bike, or run around down towards the cornfields, or go pick up interesting rocks to add to my "interesting rock" collection or just do WHATEVER. I worry helicopter parents are screwing up their kids' ability to just BE. I'm worried about possibly feeling like I have to constantly cater to Eventual Daughter, but... I'd rather not. I want her to know she can just exist, and it's not bad, and there's nothing wrong with just being bored occasionally.

  15. Those planters are so perfect! And how proud is that Mama of her son? Warms my heart for sure!

  16. SO random, but my dad actually became a woman when I was 12. Which is a mental thing but I am so glad that now it is being embraced so much more then (I am nearly 30!) and so proud of you KB!

  17. I really wish people would stop making reddit threads into articles. That's what reddit is for. These "journalists" are making money off that bullshit.

  18. I totally agree with that article, especially because I think this new wave of "every holiday deserves 87 gifts" thing creates a sense of entitlement with kids, and if I'm being honest, I think is much more for the parents than it is for the kids. This quote hit pretty hard:

    "It is not our responsibility to manufacture contrived memories on a daily basis."

    Doing shit so you can take photos and write a blog post or get pinned 87,000 times isn't making memories, I guess. Let them run around and play and make their own memories (with lots of support and love from you obviously) and they'll be fine, just like we were. :)

  19. Oh my goshhhh. The WTF moments. I am done!!!

  20. I was just reading my blog feed, as you do, lalala, when all of a sudden... MY CAT HEAD PLANTERS! haha. So sweet, thanks so much for featuring them :) <3


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