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Shades of Navy - Kaelah Bee
To be honest, this outfit post should be titled "Kaelah Looking to Her Right" Haha! I promise you there was nothing even remotely interesting in that direction, but those were the only photos that "turned out." We actually shot this outfit before vacation, so it's been sitting around for a while. Nothing too exciting about it really. Just blue on blue set up. I bought this dress from ModCloth toward the end of summer last year and it quickly became a favorite (especially when I was doing the pink hair thing again) but I'm not sure it ever made it's way to the blog. I'm such an outfit repeater though... if I love something I'll wear it over and over and over, often with no variation. So it's hard to believe it took it a year to get photographed! This day was awfully gloomy (and eventually rainy) so the cardigan (my obvious favorite one haha) was off and on, off and on. Sometimes I just can't hack the humidity haha 
Shades of Navy - Kaelah Bee
Shades of Navy - Kaelah Bee
This weekend was a busy one! Saturday we had to go up to Nashville for the day so Toby could see his maternal grandparents. While he did that I visited with a friend and chatted about self-employed life and taking the plunge. She's thinking about giving it a go and I'm so into her ideas. I'm hoping she can do it and make those dreams into reality :D I'm such an advocate for being self employed and I love seeing my friends feel happy, inspired, and fulfilled by their work. If she ends up sharing her venture you best bet I'll be sharing it here. It's a fun one! Anyway, after Mike picked me up we went for a quick lunch (always Chipotle for me and Panera for him. Handy since they're next door to each other!) and then poked around Nashville West for a bit. Sunday was spent doing some design work early on, despite my self-imposed "No work on weekends" rule. After that we visited with my parents for a few (it was their anniversary!) and then got ready to head over to Lawrenceburg to see Mike's family. Mike's older sister Maggie was in from NYC where she's a flight attendant, so the whole family got together for a delicious meal. Toby played with his go-kart in the yard and we all sipped tangy lemonade (yum!). Afterward we came home, tucked the little man into his bed, and watched a few episodes of Orange is the New Black (it's almost over! Nooo!) 
Shades of Navy - Kaelah Bee
214aShades of Navy - Kaelah Bee
Today I'm starting some new design projects and hoping that they are easy enough to tackle. I always love starting a new project because each and every client is different. No two people have the same vision. I get to bounce back and forth between a blog design and a kids' health website design today so that'll keep me on my toes! 

Can we all say WTF at it being the 29th of July?! It's going to be August in just a couple of days... Did you know Hobby Lobby already has their Christmas stuff out?! WHAT?! So crazy! Here's to enjoying the last days of Summer! I get heartbroken just thinking about the bare trees and dead grass... I want green! Happy Monday xo

Retrolicious dress via ModCloth
Forever 21 cardigan
Thrifted/vintage clutch
Oasap flats


  1. This dress is the cutest! Best of luck to your friend!


  2. I'm swooning over that dress gurl! LOVE IT! Always a sucker for a bit of a floral print.

  3. Sounds like a fun and productive weekend! I love that dress! I have that cardigan, too. It's so fun to pair with all sorts of different pieces and prints!

    Ladyface Blog

  4. Love your outfit! Just like the others :)
    xo from a french reader!

  5. beautiful! like every outfit ♥
    love the colour and the dots on the cardigan ;3

  6. Sounds like you've been a busy *ahem* bee...! Your weekend sounds so wonderful - your conversation with your friend sounds so great; I hope she is successful so we can hear more about it!

    And I love this outfit, that dress looks beautiful on you! ♡

  7. so gorgeous! love the print of the shirt!


  8. I am the same way - it's part of the reason I'm having trouble with the idea of getting the style section on my blog to be more than every once in a while, because I tend to fall in love with a specific clothing item and then wear it to death for a month, then pick up a different one and wear that to death, etc and so forth. Ah, well.

    Well, and also I've basically worn nothing but yoga pants all week long this week. Woo for recovery, I guess.

  9. Lovely. I adore the card. ♥ You're looking fab!

  10. Your weekend sounds a lot like my weekend. Lots of family time, lots of productivity with work. Feels good, doesn't it? Honestly, I don't like to work on the weekends either but Eric and I are a good team and since he does all my design stuff, we get SO much pumped out on the days we're not supposed to be working, ha! Funny how that works. You look GREAT in these pictures, miss. The dress flatters you REALLY well!

    xo Ashley

  11. family time on the weekend is my favorite.

    i hope you'll share your friend's story. i always love to read those.

    cute outfit. specially love the cardigan.

  12. I just found your blog and I am absolutely in love with your style. Completely envious of the wardrobe you must have.

    I love that you threw in tidbits of your weekend. Sounds like you had a great couple of days. What a lucky girl your friend is to have someone like you supporting her in her new endeavor of self employment. I hope she goes through with it. I'm interested to learn what idea it is.

    Will definitely be following your blog!


  13. This dress is so lovely!




  14. Looking gorgeous! I can't believe it was August first today... and I was wearing a sweater in Nashville. WTF indeed!


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