// Things I Love Thursday v.302

this pretty manicure ♥
♥ this stunning kitchen ♥
this cute pup in the sunflower field ♥
♥ this cozy living room ♥
this pretty cake ♥
♥ this lovely home ♥
♥ this nature journal ♥
♥ this sweet cottage ♥
♥ this relaxing bath ♥
♥ this colorful kids room ♥
♥ this sweet pup in a flower crown ♥
these fun phone cases - i rounded up a few more at the link

// The 12 highest paid YouTube stars in 2017... including a 6 year old who earned $11m! Clearly YouTube is where it's at.

// If you're up for some holiday baking, here are 50 christmas cookie recipes!

// These are THE BEST SUITS EVER: red plaid and pac man print (yes, actually pac man!)

// ICYMI: get in on this Urban Body Jewelry giveaway! It ends tomorrow! 

xo KB


  1. I am so obsessed with that manicure ever since I saw it on Pinterest! I'm also loving all the nature/plant things! Makes me want to wish away the winter lol

  2. I had Totally Hair Barbie (from the 31 awesome gifts every early 90s child...). It was th only barbie I ever asked for (I hated barbies). I got the ken from someone as well as the stacey doll . . .so I made them into Ghana dolls two years later to teach people about the African country. I wish I had a photo of it. Gak, Rollerblades, troll doll collection, polly pockets, magic eye books, quints, waldo books, that walkman sport they had pictured (which stunk compared to the regular one), the Little mermaid doll, lisa frank stuff, and LA Gear shoes I had. . .I feel like they went into my toybox to make that list hahahahaha.


  3. Wow that kitchen totally is to die for!! ~~dream home~~


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