// Things I Love Thursday v.303

♥ this sign i painted... and painted and painted! haha ♥
these stunning weavings
♥ this whole weird brand apparel trend happening right now ♥
this super cute DIY coffee gift ♥
this photo ♥
this darling woven christmas tree♥
♥ this view ♥
this photo is just so happy! ♥
this diy fresh mandarin wreath ♥
this adorable DIY ornament ♥
// If you're a blogger looking for new brands to partner with on sponsored content, check out the latest gigs available over at Fresh Press Media. I'm a really big fan of FPM and can't recommend the platform enough. My favorite aspect is that there isn't a net-30 or -60 payout period. You do the work, submit the content, and then get paid. Just. like. that! (Apparently I've said this before because I'm totally quoted on the marketplace page haha! It really is one of the biggest things that sets FPM apart from other agencies. No invoicing and no chasing payments or trying to schedule when it'll hit your account. It's almost instantaneous.) Browse these campaigns and see if they're right for you - if so, submit a bid (you get to choose your rate!) and wait for a response.

// Love this DIY ornament wreath. Perfect last minute decoration for any holiday hosting.

// Chalk paint to the rescue! Love the look of this updated dining table.

// If you're super last minute in need of a nice gift, these are still some options for Christmas delivery. Here are some crafty kid kits, maternity basics, and new baby essentials.

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