// POP COLOUR - Michael's Dream Tree Challenge 2017

It's Dream Tree time, y'all! This is by far my absolute favorite Michaels Makers challenge each and every year, and this year is my fourth (!!!) tree! You can see the past 3 years here if you're interested: 2016, 2015, 2014 (loved this one so much!) This year I wanted to do something totally different, partially because the Jasper Cashmere tree I received last year was seriously so beautiful and I knew that I wanted to use it again in my living room, and also because I really wanted something fun in my studio. Michaels gave us a couple of different trees to choose from this year and I jumped on the white pencil tree since it was so unique. Not going to lie though, I was kind of intimidated to decorate it! I've never decorated a pencil tree before and I had absolutely no idea how much stuff would fit on it. I have a boatload of things to return but I can safely say I am totally head over heels in love with the way this tree turned out. My tree is publishing 2 weeks after most of the other Makers' trees simply because I opted to do one of the two limited collections and they were put into stores a bit later. The collection I'm featuring on my tree is the Boho Collection and I am so into the color palette! I immediately knew this is the collection I wanted based on the colors alone. I've always been more of a muted pink kind of gal, but here lately I can't get enough of bold, bright color on a clean white backdrop.

While most of my ornaments are straight from the Michaels' shelves I knew I wanted to DIY some things to tie it all together. I ended up taking some clear ornaments and shaking some acrylic paint around in them to get the colors I wanted. I also did some splatter and brush stroke looks on some white ornaments. A few of the clear ornaments include pink crinkle paper and teal paper trim. I love the look of the texture in them. My favorite ready-made additions from Michaels are definitely the super soft pom poms. The little animals are adorable, too. Only one store in the Nashville area carries this collection (Bellevue!) and I bought most of it, but hopefully they've restocked since I swept through. (You can check each individual product's availability at your local store - just in case you weren't aware! Just search by zip code on the product page.) If you're not local to me or you don't have a Michaels nearby you can still get a good bit of the collection online - and you can usually scoop up a code for free shipping! Currently this collection - and Michaels' 4 others - is 50% off.

I'm totally a "More is More" gal when it comes to decorating Christmas trees. This tree, despite being quite skinny, boasts so many different kinds of ornaments and garlands. I picked up a few awesome things (like pom pom and tassel trim) that would have made for great makeshift garland, but I'm not sure it would have fit on my tree haha Instead I opted to use some of it on my gift wrap and bags. I just hot glued a few strands of it here and there, and I love how it helps tie the whole thing together. Below I'll link some of the stuff I used in case you want to put your own spin on it.

From trees to ornaments and holiday décor, Michaels has everything you need to MAKE this holiday your own! You can even shop over 100 Christmas Trees at Michaels.com. Thanks for checking out my tree and giving me a space to share things like this. I definitely want to get myself back into regular making, no matter the medium. 

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