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Y'all, school starts back here in Tennessee in less than a month! Ahhh! I'm just not ready for Summer to be over yet! I love the colors, the weather, and the carefree attitude that comes along with the season. It's a little hard (and intimidating) to think about getting back in the rhythm of the school year. One of my favorite trends for the past few months has been pom poms and tassels on any and everything.I first saw a round up of cute, embellished sandals on Shopbop and I've wanted a pair of my own ever since.  Since it's such a fun Summer look, I decided to upcycle a pair of black slides I had so my feet can feel like Summertime all the time ;) This whole thing took less than 15 minutes, so if you've got some fun embellishments laying around, get to work!


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I took these $1 slides I had and outfitted them with metallic gold ribbon, gold chain, and the brightest pink and yellow pom poms I could find. There's seriously nothing to this... Just use your favorite type of glue and stick those babies on! I used super glue for the ribbon and chain, and used E-6000 industrial glue for the pom poms (and to secure the ends of the chain). I love how festive and fun they look. They're quite the attention grabber though. 

This month's Michaels Makers challenge (the final one! WAH!) was to give something some flair for the back to school season. I'm having a hard time not affixing these bright pom poms to literally everything, but the sandals are a good start. I have a couple sheer curtains and a raffia clutch begging to be pom pom'd out. We'll see what I end up with!

From crystals to pom poms to tassels and patches, Michaels has pretty much everything you could ever need to bling out your Back To School goodies. You can check out how some of the other Makers opted to embellish! Now I'm thinking I need another pair of slides so I can just do some really fun gold chain work! That'd be pretty rad, right?

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  1. Wow! I have been wanting these pom pom sandals for so long!

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