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Things have been quiet around here, with the exception of random TiLT posts (I actually enjoy writing those). But I still like sharing things like that and I'm seeing through a couple contracted things, so here I am! Everyone and their mama has a blog these days, and that's awesome. I love that there is no shortage of things to find online. No matter what niche you think of, someone has a blog about it. Since more folks are wanting to make money blogging, I figured it'd be a good time to share Fresh Press Media. I've written about them briefly in previous TiLT posts (I'm a FPM Ambassador), but this post will show you exactly how it works so you can get signed up and make some dollllllas!

So, what is Fresh Press Media? FPM connects brands with influencers across the web, and allows them collaborate on mutually beneficial content creation. Bloggers (Influencers) can sign up for free and create a profile (media kit) that brands will be able to view. Brands pitch campaigns in the Marketplace and bloggers can go in, get all the info on what the objective is, and then submit a bid (the rate you would charge for the project). Brands and bloggers can message each other back and forth in an effort to streamline the process and help answer any questions the blogger might have. Brands can approve or reject offers on their end, and if your bid is accepted then it will move from the Bids tab into Gigs. Then you can submit your URLs as specified on the campaign page. It's easy peasy! And the veryyyyy best part? Once the brand approves your final submitted URL, your payment is available (though the minimum to payout is $100). No waiting 45 days or 60 days after a campaign ends. THIS is the big one for me. I've collaborated with a few different brands from the FPM marketplace, and every single one of them has been a positive experience. I appreciate how easy everything is to navigate. It's simple.
These are a few of the campaigns currently available in the Marketplace. It's worth signing up and seeing if any of them appeal or apply to you. It costs you nothing more than the time it takes to enter your email! Happy blogging!

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