// Things I Love Thursday v.292

♥ this gradient is so satisfying ♥
this galvanized stock tank looks surprisingly chic in this farmhouse bathroom ♥
this wimbledon party ♥
these collage pieces ♥
♥ this 70's inspired lookbook ♥
this fantastic doodle wall ♥
this awesome use of space ♥
♥ this bag is one of my faves ♥
this inspiration board ♥
♥ these photos ♥
these moto jackets are *heart eyes* ♥

// [NSFW - or maybe even life..] Inside America's most extreme haunted house experience: McKamey Manor. (McKamey just recently opened up a smaller "satellite" experience about 20 minutes from our house. Folks around the property aren't stoked.)

// Here is the first waterpark for children with disabilities! And it's free of charge! Seriously, read this. Look at those precious faces full of happiness! So beautifully designed, too.

// KFC just released online merch, and it's actually kind of amazing. Real talk, I want that sweater harrrrrd.

// Here are FIVE free months of Rocksbox for anyone who wants one! Just use the code KAELAHBFF and you'll get your first month on the house! First 5 to claim them wins, obvz. (If they're all used up, try kaelahxoxo... it works like half of the time haha!)

// Make some cash by taking surverys online (Yes, it's real, not a scam, and I actually use it too... hence why I'm sharing haha!) 

xo KB

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  1. omg yay! I've been checking your blog stalker style

  2. I've tried that Outpost survey's thing twice now - I always get an error! What internet browser do you use? I would love to take advantage of it, and it's super annoying to go through all the steps and then get an error message.

  3. I use chrome with no issues! what browser are you using?


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