// Things I Love Thursday v.290

this this this. ♥

this is the cutest cupcake EVER ♥

these smoothie bowls ♥

this fun colorful cake ♥

♥ and this gorgeous creation, too ♥

this inspiring woman ♥

this photo ♥

♥ this is exactly how i feel ♥

♥ you deserve to hear this ♥
♥ this shopbop sale is a good one! ♥
♥ this collection from WAYF
♥ the field cargo pants from veronica beard are my favorite ♥
♥ i always love the romantic ruffles + lace from zimmermann ♥
♥ and the swimwear, too! swooooon ♥
all of these colors + styles are *heart eyes* ♥

// 25 fascinating pictures for a better day.

// Why poor people stay poor.

// Going to the beach for your bachelorette party? Get your bridesmaids these!

// I love the boho look of this crochet bikini top from Simons paired with these neutral bottoms.

// Margaret Atwood says "It's a form of slavery to force women to have babies they can't afford."

// Here are FIVE free months of Rocksbox for anyone who wants one! Just use the code KAELAHBFF and you'll get your first month on the house! First 5 to claim them wins, obvz.

// Make some cash by taking surverys online (Yes, it's real, not a scam, and I actually use it too... hence why I'm sharing haha!) 

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