// Things I Love Thursday v.289

these mini potted cactus cakes ♥
these unicorn cakes ♥
these amazing puppy portrait tattoos ♥
♥ this pretty creation ♥
these stunning candle packaging designs ♥
♥ this amazing back patio ♥
this amazing snap ♥
this stunning flower arrangement ♥
these adorable placemats ♥
this swimsuit ♥

// If I'm shopping online I almost always browse the super-discounted sections first (I'm talking like 70%+ off haha). #NoShame :P

// Magic Mushrooms are safer than alcohol, according to global study. And here's a ranking of many other mainstream drugs.

// Toddler is FedExed across the country amid a winter snowstorm. If this doesn't make you tear up, man...

// Quick and easy way to make a few bucks in your spare time.

// If you're a blogger looking to collaborate with brands on sponsored content, you should definitely sign up for Fresh Press Media. I've really loved working with their platform the past few months.

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