// What I've Worn Recently... [ft. 9 Outfits!]

So I've yet to attempt outfit photos with a tripod and remote... Mostly out of laziness I think. But also because I often feel very boring and incredibly repetative. I wear the same style of jeggings and boots over and over and over. Creature of habit, but I don't mind. I totally already own a tripod and remote, but it's hard to juggle two kids with all kinds of time commitments and still find time to go look cute in a field or by a barn (I'm not hating - You betcha I'll be all over that if and when I can ha) But I've been ~documenting my outfits via my bedroom mirror (or any mirror really...) and I figured I might as well drop them here, too. I'm not going to go into extreme detail or anything, but I'll try to find the links to exact products when applicable. (I'll notate similar items with an asterisk *)

I have this dress in at least 9 or 10 colors and patterns. It's one of those dresses that is just so perfect. Unfortunately now they don't fit me the best. Since I really do love the fit and quality of them, I plan on having them altered to fit me now because that'd certainly be cheaper than replacing my entire ~collection haha I just also want all of the other prints and colors, too heh! (Just a heads up, they have sizes XXS - 6X!) These boots are seriously my favorite. You can probably tell because I wear them non-stop. I just love the fit and feel of them, so they're my new "black flats" if you will ;) They were from ModCloth like 4 years ago or more, and I never thought I'd be able to find another pair, but LOOK! Mine are the matte/suede kind and these are shinier faux leather, but it's something! I'll keep hunting for them. As for the cheeseburger case, it was a lucky $2 clearance score.

I picked up this jacket at the St. Louis Galleria when I was visiting Patrick over the new year. It was one of the first things I spotted when I walked into the store and I'm so glad I decided to buy it. I'm so so into the color and it's pretty darn warm, too. Not bad for $40! Also, these jeggings! I own these in multiple sizes because I just keep buying the exact same pair. They're that comfortable. I'm going to link to them in pretty much every outfit post below so... I really like them haha

I picked up this sweater on a random shopping trip with Whitney one day. Originally I bought it and paired it with a cream colored tulle skirt from the same collection, but I love how casual-but-cute it looks with jeans. I wore this for the 5 hour drive up to Patrick's and it's definitely road trip approved. This sweater comes in 3 different colors and I seriously want them all now.

The black top isn't normally something I go for (well, I guess that's a given considering I didn't wear pants before now haha) But it's definitely in steady rotation in my closet. It looks cute by itself and covered up. It's easy to dress up or down, so you can't really go wrong. The jacket though! I saw it on a random end cap at TJ Maxx one day and I scooped it up. I was wearing a sweater that day so when I tried it on it felt like it fit great. I do wish I had been about to get a size smaller but it was literally the only one I saw in the store so I'm still glad I bought it. I love the gold details.

olive green top (only $12!) // jeggings // boots

This was my Christmas Day outfit, and if you stick around here long enough you'll see this very same outfit in a variety of colors. I bought this shirt in a multitude of colors because they were on super sale, but the black and olive are the two that make it out of the closet the most. I can't say a single bad thing about this top. A++++

This is a super casual stuck-at-home outfit and what I default to most of the time. I have quite the collection of t-shirts now and that feels so funny/strange to say.

You can totally pair black and brown together, right? Of course you can so naturally I did ha! I haven't worn these black jeans since snapping this photo, but I need to find some cute things to pair with them. Any suggestions?

I snagged this tee on clearance for $5. I was totally stoked on that. I had to poll Snapchat to ask if I was too old to wear a graphic tee like this haha Luckily everyone responded with an enthusiastic no :P I snapped the photo in the fitting room obviously.

This is what I was actually wearing on the day I snagged the tee up above (and the sage top, too!) It's nothing spectacular but I was totally feeling my hair that day haha! Dear hair, please do this again! Love, KB.

So there you have it... what I've been wearing lately. Maybe once the weather breaks (hurry up, Spring!) I'll feel more into the idea of traipsing around with a tripod in tow. Until then this will just have to do ;P

Which one is your favorite?

xo KB


  1. You look AMAZING!! I've been a fan of your blog for a few years now and I love your style. I wish we lived in the same state so we could meet up and you could be my personal shopper and take me shopping!!!
    P.S. I'm so happy for you and wish you all the best in the new year!

    1. Aw thank you so much Amy! That's such a lovely comment to receive <3 If you ever find yourself in Nashville, give a girl a shout! ;)

  2. It has been awhile since I've stopped by your blog. You look so great!! Always loved your style and your blog. Looking great and love all of your outfits!

  3. Where's the baby? (

  4. I think you look so pretty! I love your style! What color lipstick are you wearing in the last picture and do you remember where you bought it?

    1. Thanks! It's ULTA matte lipstick in "Pink Punch" - def my all time favorite shade!

  5. haven't been around for awhile and can't remember when I last saw you in anything but a dress/skirt!

    PS can you please do a post on your weightless! Would love to know the details and jump on board!


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