// Try This: Wire Basket Storage

For the past few months I've been slowly but surely (emphasis on slowly) working on ~updating my bathroom. I painted everything white, even refinished my bath tub, and decided that I was going to paint my floor. Yup. Paint. My. Floor. I mean, it's going to look super rad... whenever I finally get around to finishing it. Even though I haven't finished everything, I did get a head start on some new storage options in the bathroom. I had originally bought a couple of these wire baskets months ago. I put one up in the bathroom (the one on the left) and then one in the kitchen. I was able to put some hair products and skincare things in it, and it has been so dang handy. It's really hard to get all of my things in and out from under the sink because we keep a set of wooden stairs in front of the vanity so Linden can a bit more self sufficient. Once I realized how handy the one basket was, I was on a mission to find some more. Unfortunately they were scooped up off the Michaels website before I could get to them. So I set out to find them in stores. It took me a bit to finally track them down, but when I did I bought every last one in stock haha! I added two of them to the bathroom to hold hair tools, makeup and some brushes. I opted to take the white paper pieces out of the two on the right, but after seeing the comparison I'm definitely going to add them back because I love the little pop of contrast. 

I also added some fun baskets from Michaels but they're still stowed away until I finish that floor. I know it'll be a fun reveal though, so definitely stay tuned. My goal was to start the year a bit more organized, and I'd like to think I'm making good on that. There are a lot of things that will hopefully be happening around here in the coming months. If you're keen on getting organized, you can check out some of the new pieces at Michaels, and the posts from some of the other Makers, too! They're seriously feeding my excitement for getting things really in order over here.

Are you an organized person? Do you want to come organize for me? Ehhh? haha!

xo KB


  1. I organized my linen/medicine closet and my kitchen drawers. The new year seemed like an appropriate time to do it. Those baskets are cute!

  2. Love this! Where is the bag from?!?


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