// DIY Romantic Boho Door Decor

Our May challenge for the Michaels Makers was to attend one of the classes Michaels has in-store, and share our experience. Well, this is kind of that. Kind of. Ha! I reserved 2 spots for me and Maya in the cute spring door decor class on April 27th. At least I thought I did. I actually reserved spots for April 26th... and didn't realize it until we showed up the next day! Oh my word, I felt stupid. Oops! It was all okay though because the gals working at Michaels were so sweet and helped us in the classroom and everything anyway. They ran out of the supplies for the actual project, so Maya and I rounded up our own fun version for her door. We went with a grapevine hanging "basket" and some gorgeous dusty faux flowers. This basket is perfect for Maya's door because she has several friends who live in the same building. Perfect place to drop a little "happy" or gift haha

This class was awesome because like many of Michaels' other classes, it's free. You just gotta buy the supplies! It's a fun way to spend a girls' evening or whatever, you know? I even saw in the classroom they had signs for birthday parties (!!!). That would be SUCH a fun way to celebrate a kiddo's birthday. I'm definitely going to suggest it to Toby for his next party haha The classroom was well stocked with supplies like glue, scissors, markers, etc. The gals working at Michaels were seriously so sweet, too. I'm totally bummed we missed the actual class, but we're looking to make it up this month! Of course if classes aren't your jam, you can always try out one of Michaels' craft kits. The evening may not have gone perfectly, but we had fun, we laughed about it, and Maya got a sweet new door hanger. Not too shabby!

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  1. This is really an awesome DIY for me. I was looking something to decorate my door. It's really cool.

    Jennifer Hansen
    Rustic Country Wedding Invitations Designer @ A2zWeddingCards


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