// Nice To See You Again

This is Toby's last full week of school, y'all. He'll go to school 3 days next week and then that's it! He'll be a full fledged second grader with two and a half months worth of Summer ahead of him. I have to admit I'm totally envious of that excitement. You know the kind unlike any other kind... Summer is so close and you have no responsibilities or worries. Where can I sign up for that as an adult?!

Baseball practices and games have been keeping us so incredibly busy the past few weeks. I always look forward to baseball season, and then when it shows up I honestly kind of look forward to it being over haha! It's so fun but so demanding of our time. I couldn't ever dream of not seeing him suit up though, so I guess I'll just suffer through the 3 month season every year. 

I've been spending more and more time outside now that the weather is finally nice (I say that as the forecast calls for 3 consecutive days of rain and storms...). My front flower bed is almost completely finished, and my vegetable raised bed is flourishing! Now I really just need to tackle taming the backyard a bit and I'll be all set. 

I'll be back soon with a more lengthy update, promise! 

xo KB


  1. ;You're looking great, Kaelah! :)

  2. Girl you look amazingggggg. For really reals.

  3. You're living life, and you look beautiful!

  4. so pretty!


  5. That's so exciting!! My school has 4 more weeks left... I'm counting down the days.

  6. Pretty! May I ask where that dress is from? I love it!


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