// Things I Love Thursday v.208

Wow... it's uh, been a while, hasn't it TiLT? Sorry about that. Sometimes I lose track of the hours and days and maybe even weeks. But we're back! And hopefully better than ever! Even if these don't make you smile, just remember: it's almost the weekend! xo
this! haha ♥
this is the most magical gif. ♥
♥ bless these sweet elephants! ♥
this is gorgeous ♥
this lovely string art ♥
♥ this. i love you, bobby hill. ♥
this. sassy cats everywhere! ♥
this might be the most epic picture on the internet. (click HERE for lulz!) ♥

♥ these pipsticks! toby just got some and they're so fun! ♥
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// Holy novelty sweater alert! These sweaters are seriously just too freaking awesome. They'd be the subject of envy at any Tacky Sweater party!

// 11 suggestions we wish Netflix would make. Oh my stars, THIS! Best post on the web.

// Unpopular opinion: Christmas should not be a national holiday. Interesting argument. What do you think? We are religion-free personally, but still celebrate.

// I can sum up my marriage with these 11 texts I've sent my husband. Mike and I loved these. Hilarious AND spot on!

// Got a travel junkie on your Christmas list?! This is a great gift guide for those with a serious case of wanderlust!

// Wishlist Wears: i wish i had this dress for christmas photos this year! // these matte turquoise brogues are everything! // this fox dress would be perfect for Roxy! // love this fun pattern // these betsey johnson heels are what dreams are made of! (i just wish they came in flats!) // THIS CARDIGAN! // daisies and fun cut-outs?! // this red dress is perfect for any sassy, 60s loving lady // burgundy and lace! // this is totally a my little pony dress. what! // these swans make such a fun pattern // this library tote bag

// This cat dress is TOO MUCH! Oh my stars it's so fun!

// An open-letter to the recipients of my mom's donated organs.

What are you loving this week?


  1. Oh my god those elephants just made my day, SO CUTE.

  2. that article about how christmas shouldn't be a day off really annoyed me. I'm not religious but I like that day off because I work retail and we're not allowed to ask off for the entire month of december. and it surely isn't a paid day off.

  3. I really liked the article about organ donation. I hope that I'll be able to give my organs one day. And the way she talked about the lessons her mom taught her, is how I feel about my mom. We lost my mom nearly a month ago and I think about her everyday...


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