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I had the chance to take part in a super fun blogger gift swap in partnership with Zappos recently, and now I want to share all of the fun goodies I gave and received! For the exchange, we were partnered up with bloggers who may or may not be complete strangers. My partner was Mindy from Creative Juice. Since I didn't know anything about Mindy, I took some time to lurk through her blog and social media to try and get an idea of what she might be like. We were able to send in our sizes and a note or two to help our gift giver out. I knew Mindy wanted a pair of black pumps and a clutch, so I set out to find some bits and bobs that might suite her.
Just by looking at Mindy's stuff, I could tell we were pretty different. I loved the challenge of trying to find gifts for someone so unlike myself, because I almost always let my own personal style play a part in my gift giving. I browsed Zappos for a while and came up with the following items: a pair of MIA pumps (because I love MIA shoes and own several pairs myself), a black and gold clutch that could work for day or night, and a fun ampersand necklace because it's quirky and cute. I'm crossing my fingers that I did right by Mindy and that she loves the goodies, but if not, at least Zappos offers free shipping and a full 365 return period (WHAT!)

Mindy picked out some fun things for me, too. Including this cobalt dress with mesh stripes, and these ankle booties. The dress is a bit more "gussied up" than I normally go for day to day, and the shoes aren't the most practical for a mom who wears her baby daily, but you know what? This mama deserves to get fancy and have a date night! Sometimes it's gets hard to separate myself from being a mom... that's not all I am, right? I'm looking forward to wearing them out and about for our 5 year (dating) anniversary later this week (!!!) After 4 months of being covered in spit up and who knows what else, I'm excited to to sport a pair of heels haha Look out, y'all!

I liked that I was able to see SO many different options and items on the Zappos site. I was worried it'd be overwhelming, but I was able to narrow it down quite quickly. This was actually my first time shopping on Zappos, too. I'll probably become a regular now... Not sure if that's a good thing or not! haha Zappos prides themselves on being "a customer service company" who just happens to sell shoes, clothing, accessories, etc. I like that approach. Hassle free.

It was super fun to take part in this swap! I'm participating in another (more low-key) swap with some of my favorite small biz friends, so I'll have to share that soon, too! xo

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  1. I am currently reading Delivering Happiness by Zappos' CEO, Tony Hsieh, and it is AMAZING. I was tickled when I saw you participated in a gift exchange through them. I've never purchased anything through Zappos but I think I will soon!


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