// Things I Love Thursday v.207

this back windshield wiper (+ decal) is the most amazing thing i've ever seen ha! ♥
♥ love the colors in this living room ♥
these paper origami foxes ♥
this ceramic planter ♥
this bedroom is DREAMY! ♥
♥ this is gorgeous ♥
these idioms of the world are fascinating (love the illos too!) ♥
these pinecone gnomes are so cute! ♥
these micro photos of individual snowflakes (!!!) ♥

♥ this little romper from kissy kissy
this romper is SO SOFT! like, unbelievably so. there are so many cute styles that i'd love to dress linden in. they'd also make for the perfect baby shower gift as the quality is amazing!

// Ben + Sadey wrote a review on the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas! If you're thinking about paying Sin City a visit, be sure to check it out!

// Shauna is totally one of my idols and I loved this little peek into her day to day on the Little Hip Squeaks blog.

What are you loving this week?


  1. the windshield wiper.. saw it on 9gag first, THIS is why I love the internet.

  2. OMG the pinecone gnomes! So cute. I'm not a crafter but I wouldn't mind crafting those little guys up! :)


  3. Thanks for the link, my friend!<3

  4. As always, love your links. I kind of knew that larger women get treated worse in the office, but I had no idea it was THAT much worse.


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