// A Gentleman's Gift Guide with Mike

Mike was asked by Kohl's to put together this fun little gift guide for the "gentlemen" out there (or for their partners who might be looking for a nice Christmas gift this season). I thought it would be a fun way to let him take part in the blogging excitement haha Plus I figured it might be a good way to get some nice gift ideas for him, too. You know, to be sneaky and all. Is it just me or are guys notoriously difficult to shop for? Of course everything Mike chose is so very "him".... and I kind of love that. It definitely makes my job a lot easier. Whether you're shopping for your boyfriend, husband, brother, father, or just a snazzy dude in your life, hopefully you'll find something awesome in the men's accessories at Kohl's. There's always their handy Christmas gift ideas for any and everyone, too.

Here's what Mike added to his wishlist... I mean, gift guide! haha

What are you getting your fellas for the hoildays?! (I'm so open for suggestions! haha!)


  1. I reaaaalllly like that scarf, now there's an idea!

    I stumbled on a friend trying to sell a handmade African djembe drum on facebook last week, and my fella's a drummer so I jumped on it and so I've got that! Which s perfect since I'm trying to avoid big-store big-company purchases for my holiday shopping this year!!

  2. I feel like your Mike's style is SO similar to my Mike's style. I love the idea of the old school shaving kit, if only my husband shaved (he has a beard). But the cardigan is right up his alley. Thanks for all the hints and ideas Mike!

  3. Aww!! I love them! Haha I can see His style fitting with the Downton Abbey crew! Slick man You have there ^_^!
    Oh, oh I leeeuuuvvee Gift Guides, so I'm starting Mine every Monday.
    Check today's on Mothers on My blog http://goo.gl/JuLWrC !!!!


  4. The scarf and bow-ties are perfect for my girlfriend! Thanks for the tip... haha!


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