// Things I Love Thursday v.205

♥ this silly mug ♥
this is where i want to be ♥
♥ in LOVE with this bag! ♥
this outfit is ace ♥
these fun nails! ♥
this dress is so so fun ♥
this fun print ♥
♥ this awesome sign from colleen! you can order your own via her shop
I love this photo-to-wood transfer method. My Altered Book professor taught us how to do it in college and it's so fun to see what you can get out of it! I love this one because it's one of my favorite wedding photos. Can't wait to hang it up in our bedroom! Thank you Colleen!
I have never been a pumpkin spice fan (sorry!) *but* those moravian cookies were SO good! And the little tea scoop is engraved with "1 perfect cup of tea" on the end. The bamboo steeping basket is a pretty fun addition, too. Mike is a big chai tea lover so he's loving the loose leaf tea. -- The deadline to get this box in the mail is November 1st, so hop to it if you like it! (You can also give TBE as a gift! Hey, hey, Christmas is coming up!)

// The best way to respond to a fat joke made publicly about you.

// We've been using our Latchy Catchy lately to keep things quiet while Linden naps. Something about a sleeping baby makes you hyperaware of just how noisy everyday things can be. This has been awesome... Now if only they could invent something to keep our wood floor from creaking as I sneak out of the room...

// Foodie Finds: loaded baked potato rounds // prosciutto wrapped asparagus // chicken fajita stuffed peppers // healthy applesauce oatmeal muffins // 37 delicious vegetarian recipes for thanksgiving // garlic parmesan chicken lasagna bake

// "An open letter to our readers" - I love when bloggers feel comfortable enough to admit they've fallen in the trap of popularity and stats. Being hope and honest about stuff like that feels so good. I have a post or two brewing in my head, so maybe I'll get around to those soon.

// What's your favorite comfort binge watch? Yes! Currently Gilmore Girls.

// Chili Verde Breakfast Lasagna + Apple Dump Cake. I want to make both of these!

// If Ariel and Prince Eric really got married... Oh man! This is SO gorgeous.

// Making parenting decisions you can live with... no matter what. I love all of the articles Caitlin sends me.

// Lisa creates some truly stunning designs, and now she's launching a silk scarf collection! Here's your chance to back her project and get in on the ground floor. That Wonderland print is awesome!

// 21 terrible 90s songs that everyone secretly loves. I seriously haven't listened to anything else since finding this. SO GOOD! (And totally not terrible at all)

What are you loving this week?


  1. I'm so glad you like those articles. <3

  2. I love that wood art but it did make me wonder if I could get them to create some kind of fake Elvis sighting or something like that! "I chopped some wood and found The King!!" I'd be famous!

  3. So glad that you like your wood photo! <3

    Charlotte, I can put any picture on wood, so your Elvis idea sounds kind of brilliant hahaha :p

  4. Cute stuff, as always! I love Herschel bags and that one seems totally you! The design reminds me of the design on this blog.

  5. That cat mug is everything, I must make it my own! And I have totally been rocking out to all those songs a day. Can't tell if my husband is loving it or hating it though, haha.

  6. Mmmmm I need to put in my TeaBox order tonight or tomorrow. MUST REMEMBER. MUST REMEMBER TO DO THIS.

  7. That mug is one of the cutest inventions I've ever seen!

  8. I love the mug and the cat dress! I find the open letter such a nice thing to read. :)

    Life With Antlers // A Personal Blog

  9. Odd question... how tall are you? I LOVE your style! You link to so many cute dresses and wear so many gorgeous ones that are my dream length. I'm 5'9 and have SUCH a hard time finding dresses that hit at a true knee-length.

  10. Oh my goooodness, that Little mermaid wedding is so fun! And tastefully done too I'd say, wonderful!!


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