// Things I Love Thursday v.204

these donuts! (it's in french, so use chrome to translate!) ♥
this blog + her work! ♥
this photo of amy poehler ♥
these cookies! ♥
* I was sent one of the boxes to enjoy and seriously, it's fantastic. such a wide variety of things in the box and anything you don't love you can easily give to a friend! it's definitely a fun way to find new indie makers to support. the best part? you get like 15 items PER box. that's insanity!
this precious mom + mini duo ♥
this typographic print ♥
this reminder ♥
these super cute onesies from the wishing elephant! ♥

// Ideel (formerly Ideeli) is having a big apparel sale with loads of goodies under $40!

// The Secret Language of Relationships. I loved this post! Mike and I totally have a secret language. I love our little inside jokes and phrases.

// You just broke your child. Congratulations. This seriously broke my heart to read. It's so easy to lose patience with our kids. I am trying to constantly remind myself that they're just precious little beings.

// I'm totally biased but I'm loving all of the neat things shared on the Tea Box Express Facebook page!

What are you loving this week?
Anything you'd like to add for next week's list?!


  1. I love the weekly post. Every week I read it and go 'I love that', 'Oooh I love that', 'I want to eat that' and 'I like that quote' without fail.

    I want to eat all the food and love all the quotes.

    Rosie x

  2. That makers box seems fantastic. I WANT THAT!

  3. I love amy poehler, cannot wait for her book to come out!


  4. Those doughnuts look too tasty.


  5. As always, I love your links!
    The craft box ships to the UK! HAZZAH!!!


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