Things I Love Thursday

Better late than never! (I mean, it's only 3pm, but still!) Check out this week's fresh crop of all things radical and fantastical (yeah, I said 'fantastical').

♥ this graphic! muppets = angry birds?! ♥

this pretty pretty picture. ♥

♥ this incredible looking breakfast! yum! ♥

this dress! (via danihampton & susannahbean) ♥

♥ this picture of bret & jemaine! ♥
*how many times has flight of the conchords made my tilt list?! love them!*

♥ this google search. they always crack me up. ♥

♥ these! fierce. ♥

♥ this interesting depiction of tumblr users. (what's your take?) ♥

♥ this pup. georgia's soul mate?!?! ♥

this dress! (via emmawho) ♥

this interesting ad campaign.. uhm... ♥
(yes, tattoo an ecko logo on yourself to get 20% off for life. wow..)

What are you loving this week?


  1. I personally think the yellow angry bird looks most like BERT.

    And stereotyping or not, that image really does depict a LOT of tumblr users. Yikes.

  2. This might be my favorite TiLT yet - That Ecko campaign is hysterical... now, if it were Anthro I'd likely be under the needle right now ;)

    I imagine you've surely scene the Portlandia skit - Put a bird on it! - by now, but if you haven't you should check it out. It's all I can think of whenever I try to dream up Anthropologie/Woodland inspired tattoos.

  3. That google search, the one that's highlighted is a song by Math the Band (:

  4. Judging that ecko thing. OMG. Who does that?

    My favorite thing this week has definitely been getting back into yoga. And getting some really exciting news about my trip/job this summer!

  5. Oh wow... that tattoo add campaign... I'd like to see how the world accepts that. Cute list tho! I like the angry bird :3
    Love and Turtledoves,

  6. those are some really great picks! I love the muppet comparisons :)

    I wonder how many suckers *ahem* PEOPLE will be getting those tattoos ;)

  7. that tumblr description is pretty much right least for the majority. i have a tumblr and i don't where cropped top or cross rings and i can spell..hehehe.. there are TONS of those exact pictures on my dashboard so there are tons of girls out there that love that stuff and reblog it! too funny!


  8. Oh my god, that image about the tumblr users is just.. I can't even. I don't even know what to say about it, I mean it's true for a lot of the people on tumblr which is sad. haha!

  9. haha i love bret and jemaine! my husband and i always tell each other 'you shouldn't have bought that cup!' :)

  10. to this day my favorite FOTC episode is when Jemaine dates the Australian girl and Brett asks "so what does she sound like?"
    Jemaine: "like us, but evil" one of the best comedy teams ever!

    i love your TILT. I always use a pic as my wallpaper. i had the Boston Terrier up with goggles on forever. it made me so happy!

    xoxo KellyAnn

  11. I should have known that dress was by Marc Jacobs. I'm in love with it!

  12. that pup is adorable! reminds me of my old dog! English bulldogs are the cutest and they have sooo much character...SUPER fun to have around!

  13. i love your things i love thursday! My favorite has to be the google search, OH MAN. hahaha.

  14. That breakfast looks delicious! I eat oatmeal every morning (the Quaker packet kind), and this is definitely the next level of oatmeal right here.

    That dress is so pretty and the dog so hilarious! I love catching Winnie (my Yorkie pup) doing hilarious things like that.

  15. Haha great post i found it very funny! The google searh is genius my boyfriend was amused by it!
    The tumblr image seems to have quite a bit of trth in it!

  16. Must...have...yummy...breakfast! Jeeez that looks tasty!

  17. i tattooed a grilled cheese on myself to get 25% off at Melt in Cleveland for life!!

  18. that bulldog is just adorable!!!


  19. If anyone seriously goes for that ecko tattoo... I will... I don't even know.

    That's terrible...

  20. The second photo looks SO much like where I grew up, in the middle of nature. (I am going crazy right now living in a city, aaahh! I need to get back there).
    The breakfast is my ideal one, I adore granola, and fruit.
    And the Google search made me laugh so hard, thank you for all the cutness. Have a great day and weekend!

  21. i love that dress!!!!! i guess i should specify which one, haha. the last one. the first one is really pretty too though!

  22. Where are those bathing suits from!!>???????????????!!!!!

  23. A lot of people get brands on them... look at Cadillac! LOL My husband has the logo for SRH on his arm... if only we got a discount for that...

  24. Just stumbled upon this little toy:

    and thought it would be perfect for your dog! :)


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