Things I Love Thursday

Holy cow! I can't even begin to thank y'all enough for the incredibly kind and sincere comments you left on the last post! You really know how to make a gal feel special! I spent all of yesterday checking my phone for new comments and tweets as I was out and about in the city and I wanted to cry as I was walking down the street! Every single one of you is oh so very special to me and I wish there was a way to invite you all to the wedding, that's for sure! What a time that would be! And for those who have asked, yes! Yes I will of course share our wedding plans on the blog! I've already started compiling a list of decor, treats, and notes! While I know we won't tie the knot for a bit, I can't help but finally jump on it since I've been planning this since I was 12! But enough of that! I'm currently in route back to Tennessee so while I'm flying 30,000 feet above you, let's look at some pretty things for this week!

Also! Thank you for the comments on the International Women's Day post as well! They're all so articulate and kind! Exactly what I mean by building other women up! You do it to me daily so I cannot possibly show you enough gratitude! You are all so so so wonderful!

this photo makes me crave apple orchards ♥

♥ this cinema kitty ♥

this sweet monkey ♥

♥ these slushies! don't they look so pretty?!  ♥

♥ these paula deen gifs! ♥
(i will seriously never tire of paula deen!)

♥ this guy! jemaine clement from flight of the conchords! ♥
(i walked past him in herald square yesterday! *fangirl*)

♥ these rad handmade american flags ♥

♥ this lol meme ♥

this ceramic house! ♥

♥ this! you do it, too. even in the pool. (admit it!) ♥

♥ this kitty love ♥

♥ this kitchen! yes yes yes! ♥

I hope you're all having a lovely Thursday! My flight gets in at 7:45pm and my best friend Bryan is picking me up from the airport so I can see him and Elle for a bit! Then it's back home to my hubby-to-be! (Yes, I really just wanted to say that for the first time!) xo


  1. These are HYSTERICAL! Paula Deen is the bee's knees.

  2. Those handmade american flags are amazing!

  3. hahaaa, what a fun post. The water thing is so true- just the slightest tickle and you think it's a freakin shark [well, in the sea at least!] x

  4. omg those Paula Deen gifs kiiillled me hahaha!

  5. I want that ceramic house! Great post. I started Things I like Thursday because of your posts :)

  6. I LOOOOOOOOOOVE Jemaine. I can't believe you walked past him!! So lucky :) LOVE everything you've found and congrats once again on the engagement. It must be so exciting and you must feel so amazing to have fond someone for the rest of your life <3

  7. Haha, you will probably die of an sugar overdose after one of the slushies :P.

  8. Oh gosh I love the turquoise kitchen! Where is it from? I want to see more of it!

  9. yesss cinema kitty :DDDD

    Rosie xoxo

  10. that monkey needs to be in my house. as well as that kitchen and those slushies. yes please.

  11. Where can I find the American flags? I adore!

  12. jermaine and flight of the conchords! <3


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