Business Casual Bedazzual

This outfit is actually what I wore for the evening/night of this past Wednesday. It's the Come Sail Away dress from ModCloth paired with a black boyfriend blazer, opaque tights, Dolce Vita wedges and a thrifted gold belt. This poor belt was all of 15 cents at Goodwill a few years ago but you can't see the insanely tattered front side. I turn it around and hide the buckle because it's just so so so worn out. I haven't found a great braided gold belt to replace it so I'm going to continue to wear it until it simply falls off of me. I love little finds like that!

Mike and I ventured over to this little abandoned house to shoot these photos. Nothing fancy, but peep those locks! It was actually the right lighting to show you the crazy difference in my newly dyed (again!) dark hair and my "natural" color extensions. My hair naturally fades to that medium brown color at the ends, so I get a normal occurrence of ombre going on, but this is just ridiculous! Of course since seeing these pictures I've acquired another thing of hair dye to dye my extensions, but I don't know if I'll have time on the trip! I've been wearing them anyway. Susannah says I can just pass it off as ombre but I think it's a bit much! No worries, all will be fixed soon! I'm starting to really like my hair so I hope it keeps up!

Yesterday was a whirlwind! If you follow me on Twitter then you can probably keep up with our hijinks but we stopped at Susannah's Aunt's cafe for a yummy lunch and then we went to Independence Mall where Susannah and I were tickled to have a girlfriend to shop with. She bought a cute dress and I snagged a lovely little handbag, then we took them down to the Kure Beach area to show them the beautiful beach homes. They loved it as much as we did, I think! On the way back to Wilmington we swung through the Brew-Thru for the boys to get some beers and we snagged a Four Loko each simply because you can't get them where we live. We came back to the hotel and changed before going out downtown to a little sushi house for dinner, then we walked down the street to the Little Dipper fondue for drinks and fondue with Susannah's cousin, Sydney, and her friend. From there we migrated to random bars and pubs before settling on The Opera House. We snagged the couches upstairs and had rad conversation for several hours. I had the girls drinking New Old Ladies and they tasted fabulous. (For some reason no bartender makes them the way I do, but here they're killin it!)

Finally sometime after 1am we departed the bar and headed back to our hotel, grabbed our drinks and all pow-wow'd in Susannah and Chris' room for more chitchat, hilarity, and lots of funny YouTube videos! We even have video evidence of our fun but who knows if it'll ever make it on the blog! At one point everyone was wearing a wig... So fun. We finally decided it was time for bed at 3:30am. I of course woke up bright and early at 8am, feeling totally refreshed. I laid there for 2 hours and finally got Mike up at a quarter after 10. We were ready to head out at 11 and decided on some Waffle House because they apparently don't have those in Chicago! Afterwards it was time for the beach, walking around and about, random shops and whatnot. Susannah and Chris met up with her sister for a bit and so me and Mike decided to drive around, look at neighborhoods, grab coffee, go to lots of consignment shops and take a 10 minute power nap! We're meeting everyone for dinner at 6:30 and then who knows what else!

Yow! This has been a long entry! We're trying to find Mike a cheap plane ticket but doesn't look like it's going to happen so I'll be by my lonesome in NYC next week. A few of you left comments in the other post about meeting up! @Reply me on twitter (@kaelahbee) or shoot me an email (kaelahbee @ gmail)! It might take me a few days to get back to you but I promise I will! :D I don't know what my actual itinerary will be but it could be cool to meet up for lunch or something! I'm terribly awkward so we'll see!

I have tons of pictures from yesterday and last night so I'll be sure to upload them shortly. I also have like 3 outfit posts to go up this week already! On top of it! I hope your weekend is treating you well! Can't wait to catch up on all of your blogs! xo

Come Sail Away Dress: ModCloth
Blazer: Charlotte Russe
Belt: Thrifted
Tights: HUE
Wedges: Dolce Vita x Target
Ring: Juicy Couture


  1. The outfit looks amazing,and you too.
    I think you're hair is awesome,wish mine was like that and i actually love the different hair colors,it gives an edge to it,makes you look super unique!

  2. hey pretty lady!!! love the hair and the outfit. so inspiring. :)

  3. Ok first off i seriously love this outfit! And second, I think your hair is amazing! It has the perfect ombre effect if you ask me. I'm a little jealous of it >_<

  4. gorgeous hair, outfit and setting!!! xxx

  5. sounds like you guys are having a blast! wish me and my hubby were there! love the hair and outfit!

  6. you're too cute! love the hair!

  7. I love your hair dark, and I actually think the contrasting extensions look cool!

  8. Oooh I really like the pairing of the dress with the blazer! I loooove blazers.

    I recall you mentioning on Twitter that your hair looked kind of purple... I can see what you mean! I think it looks cool, but I wonder if maybe it's the lighting of this shoot, or maybe the blue of your dress makes the brown look more blue/purple? A thought!

  9. waffle house in chicago!?! how horrible..!
    you look stunning in these photos..your hair looks GORGEOUS!!!
    have lots and lots of fun..i am so jealous you are at the beach..i can not wait for the summertime!

  10. i think your hair looks great! i know it's personal preference and such, and what you're comfortable with, but like most of the people commenting, think it's so pretty! especially with that outfit, the coloring of it all is great!

  11. This outfit looks so fabulous on you! I love it. Love your hair too, by the way. You have such a pretty hair color.<3 xo.

  12. you look adorable!
    BTW what's in a New Old Lady?

  13. Looking just darling!!! Love the wee belt,sometimes you just can't give up on a treasure like that,and when it bites the dust you'll miis it badly!
    Hoping to see some pix of your Wilmington jant.It's a part of the States that has long interested me,but I know little about it.

  14. Great outfit; I'd never think to pair a floral dress like that with a menswear-style blazer! It looks really cute. :D

  15. great outfit!
    i think this haircolor fits you the best

  16. such beautiful pictures!!!
    i love your hair, it looks amazing and the curls accentuate the ombre :)
    love the outfit too ;)
    Rosie xo

  17. I don't really go to Waffle House, but I am particularly fond of the ones in Wilmington. Many a drunken night ended there. Ahh, memories.

    I love your outfit posts. You're adorable!

  18. You look fabulous! I love this outfit!! I checked out my first charlotte russe while in california recently. I could have bought one of every dress in there.I had never heard of it until I started reading your blog. Thanks for the retail therapy;} I have a favor....My husband and I are going to nashville, knoxville, ashland{?}, and to the bristol nascar race (snore) in a week. Can you make some suggestions on some good thrift stores and other cool places to put on our radar? Thanks so much!

  19. I absolutely love this outfit on you. The blazer is really classy, and you're hair is so gorgeous this color. I am really digging the ombre effect!

  20. Gorgeous dress! I love your hair like that, it's a great idea for temporary ombre!


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