International Women's Day! "Eff Yeah, Girl Power!"

It's been quiet around these parts, but I can promise there is a whole slew of amazing reasons why. Don't worry! I'll get to those soon! For now, let's focus on Girl Power, shall we?! I'm not sure how many of you are aware that today marks the 100th Anniversary of International Women's Day, but it does! It's true! In 1908, 15,000 women took charge and marched through New York City while demanding shorter hours, better pay, and voting rights. Then in 1911, International Women's Day was recognized for the first time in several countries! Sadly only a week later, the Triangle Fire of NYC took the lives of over 140 female workers. This drew an incredible amount of attention to labor laws and practices, and women began to rally with a fervor in hopes of establishing equal rights.

If you've read the blog lately then you'll know that I was presented with an absolutely incredible opportunity to fly to New York City and take part in Levi's partnership with Vogue to bring the IWD 2011 Celebration to the SoHo House. I tweeted on behalf of Levi's Shape What To Come Campaign and I had a blast, to say the very least! I'll definitely be going into more detail about that later this week!

Right now I want to share some "eff yeah, girl positive" quotes and inspirations that I've come across! I get several emails a week asking for more quote posts like I used to do, yet no one really asks for anything specific so here you go! Here are some rad words to make you want to go high-five your best lady friend and say "heck yeah!" to being a woman!

Despite the fact that half of the world's population is female, women's rights have become marginalized as a "minority issue." Many young women feel that the label of "feminist" is, at best, irrelevant to their lives and, at worst, a stigma to be avoided at all costs. Sullied by stereotypes of hairy, arm-pitted man haters, the concept of feminism and its principles of equality and anti-sexism need to be refreshed and reclaimed by a new generation. Feminism shouldn't be an F word. We should embrace it. ~Annie Lennox

The thing women have yet to learn is nobody gives you power.  You just take it.  ~Roseanne Barr

Feminism is the radical notion that women are people.  ~Cheris Kramarae and Paula Treichler

I, with a deeper instinct, choose a man who compels my strength, who makes enormous demands on me, who does not doubt my courage or my toughness, who does not believe me naïve or innocent, who has the courage to treat me like a woman.  ~Anaïs Nin

You don't have to be anti-man to be pro-woman.  ~Jane Galvin Lewis

No woman is required to build the world by destroying herself.  ~Rabbi Sofer

One of the things about equality is not just that you be treated equally to a man, but that you treat yourself equally to the way you treat a man.  ~Marlo Thomas

Women are not inherently passive or peaceful.  We're not inherently anything but human.  ~Robin Morgan

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

With that being said, I wanted to touch base on something. It may be a bit "controversial" of me to say here on the blog, but sometimes just putting it out there is good for everyone involved. I've noticed a lot of "lady hate" lately... between our own gender. Some things that saddened me today were tweets about International Women's Day not being a big deal and that we basically shouldn't keep pushing for equality. Yes, we do have the right to vote. Yes, we do have the right to run the country. But do you know why? Because we fought for them. We still don't get equal pay. We still don't get the upperhand. And the only way to make that happen is to continue to rally for equality on all ends of the spectrum. We cannot just become sitting ducks and let this continue to happen. Yes, it is 2011... you're right... but instead of asking everyone else why they continue to support equality, maybe you should ask yourself why you've become so resigned to what is given to you. There are still women out in the world who are forced into marriage, prostitution, labor. Our sisters have their bodies mutilated and exploited. They have no choice of freedom. No options for education or escape. Did you know that women still only earn 77 cents on the male dollar? I've seen lady hate live in blogs, I've seen it in schools, I've seen it in work places. Fits of jealousy, snark, and all around just ugly attitudes. We need to focus on building each other up! Not tearing each other down! Be it a "You Go Girl!" (Community reference, anyone?!), a kind email to your favorite blogger or professor, a little note of gratitude left in a public place... we need to focus our energies on empowering each other. We are a force to be reckoned with!

Feminist is not a four-letter word. It's not dirty. It's not radical. It's merely the collective voice of females who are ready to step up to the plate and be a team player. Men are not the enemy! It's so easy to get wrapped up in thinking men are the sole reason that we're still where we are today. Sure, some can be sexist. Some can be jerks. But some can also be incredibly kind and compassionate. They can be uplifting. Sometimes we're our own worst enemy. Sexist thoughts and gender discrimination are not solely restricted to the minds of men. So rather than getting envious when you see a gal donning a fierce pair of shoes, tell her you think they're awesome, and build her up! Be classy and tactful always! 

IWD is also a great day to celebrate the women that inspire you! I won my trip to NYC based on my nomination of Ellen Degeneres for the most iconic woman of the decade, and I stand by that thought! I think Ellen has such an amazingly contagious spirit and she's full of positivity. She builds people up, and makes them smile and laugh. She's not only a wonderful ambassador of equal rights for the LBGT community, but she's also a great example of an inspiring woman who won't let anything stand in her way.

So I want to know... Who is the most inspiring woman to you and why?!

I can't wait to share more from the Levi's/Vogue IWD Celebration!


  1. I. love. this. post. Hands down one of the best posts you've written. Love it!! I have a lot of sexist-men family members and know a lot of them in general. I can't stand their attitude towards women. I have no clue what they think gives them the right to act as if they are better than women. Last time I checked we were all made equal. =)

    Oh my god, I ADORE Ellen. I totally agree with you. I would totally say she is the most inspiring woman! Love her so much. ♥♥ xo.

  2. I am pro-feminism AND a woman, so I completely agree with everything you've stated in your paragraphs. High-five to you, sister!

    Oh! & most inspiring woman, to me, is JK Rowling. I first found out about her when I was 7 years old AKA when I picked up the very first Harry Potter book. I don't know if she did this on purpose, but her female characters sort of promote feminism & the ability to be a strong, independent female. They're bad-ass. I always looked up to the way she handled herself when it came to the fame & the fortune & how faithful, truthful & real she was to her fans and her work. She really inspired me to do what I do today: write.

    Ellen's a good choice as well!!

  3. I think it is even more important today to fight for women's rights, there are a lot of things being proposed in congress that would take away so many of the rights we have fought for. If we don't stand up and say we have the right to say what happens within our own bodies, who knows what the next thing we could lose would be.

  4. Yep. I'm going to have to agree with kinsey french. this is one of the best posts you've written. :)

  5. Not just the best post you have written, but the best post I have ever read.
    Power to you sister!!!

  6. its so funny,
    my boyfriend is russian and he told me that is was international women's day and how much he appreciated my international womanness.


  7. such an inspiring post!,
    Nina simone would have to be one of the most empowering person to me, she reached so many people through her music.

  8. I looove this post! So glad to see one of my favorite bloggers acknowledging this awesome day! Especially at a time like now where women's rights are seriously being threatened (de-funding of planned parenthood, wanting to redefine rape, just to name a couple)!

    Ellen is super awesome, but the most inspiring woman to me is bell hooks! She has written so many awesome books on feminist issues, and she has so many great things to say!

    Take care! + GIRL POWER! =]

  9. This is an amazing post. I am about to go to London to a world forum for Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, where one of the topics we will be discussing is gender equality and empowering woman. I would love to quote some of what you've said because its incredible! If you don't mind of course. Any woman who stands up for who she is, what she wants, what she believes in and what she is capable of is an inspiration to me. To want to stand up, and be counted, and fight for who we are and what we deserve is a strength that every woman in the world should have. <3

  10. this post is amazing!

    my inspirational woman is annie lennox - she constantly battles for rights for women all around the world and publicises IWD every year!

    Rosie xo

  11. I am so glad you posted this, Kaelah. I support everything you said, whole heartedly. I know a lot of people will list a celeb as their most inspiring woman, but I am going to say its my mom, who always told me I could be and do anything I want.

  12. Fantastic post; I really felt chills when I read Roseanne Barr's quote. :)

  13. As if I didn't think you were rad enough already, this post gives you like 50 more points in my book! I just put up a post in my own blog for IWD about why I am a feminist in a world where the movement is constantly under attack. I absolutely hate it when people say, "Well, you have these rights and those rights...why don't you relax a little, calm down?" Yeah, because the rights to vote and own property were the only things that should have concerned women. We do have a long way to go, and it's great that this wave of feminism (some would say the fourth) seeks to join forces with other movements. I also totally agree with you that we as women have to start by smashing our own misogyny; I've always made a point to try and compliment another girl when I like something about her. If you think about it, many of us ladies are very self-conscious in a world that makes us feel never good enough, so exchanging compliments is helping to destroy that as well as making each other feel good.

    Ugh sorry for the novel, I get excited when I see other people blogging about this stuff. Anyways, awesome post! You go grrrrl!

  14. Great post, and great point that you don't have to bring down men to build women up - I feel like that rings true through EVERY fight for equality - it's not about bringing down!

  15. Great post, Kaelah! It's so easy to act unkind because of jealousy, but the world is a much happier and more wonderful place if we focus on what unites us.

  16. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this with us. I would assume that a majority of your readers and followers are young women who need/want to hear this stuff. You have a way with words, making your posts enjoyable, not harsh, and easy to follow. You have a natural inspirational way you write, which is just fantastic. :)
    Keep it up--I LOVE your blog. You're a big inspiration to me.
    You asked who the most inspirational women are in our lives?
    Here's mine.
    My grandmother.
    My grandmother is the most generous person I know while still being the most frugal person in existence. She has gone through the death of two husbands, while still keeping her head up, a smile on her face, and if possible, even more love in her heart. She has "retired" probably a half dozen times, but continues going back to work because she loves staying active and she loves helping people. She is a pastor. She walks a few miles every day. She welcomes my entire family into her quaint home, always giving us a place to rest our heads and a meal to eat. She volunteers at homeless shelters weekly and keeps brown paper sacks of non-perishable food for people on the streets in her car. She has lived in Romania, Egypt, and Guatemala, living to serve others, living to learn more, and living to love.
    I have never, once, heard her say one single word against anyone. She always encourages.
    My grandmother is such a remarkable woman. Loving, compassionate, caring, giving, strong, intelligent, and Godly.
    I am blessed to have her in my life.

  17. I love this post - you are so right! So many women inspire me right now, all for different reasons... but my fav at the moment is Betsey Johnson because she is such a strong, positive and brave woman. I have a picture of her on my inspiration board to remind me to always put my best foot forward and follow my dreams.

  18. Hi!
    This is an awesome post, thank you so much for talking about feminism and these issues on your blog. I can't even explain how much I appreciate this. I posted a link to your post on my tumblr, I hope you don't mind.

    Thanks again,

  19. this is such a kick-ass post! and it's amazingly written. i have to agree with you on ellen. she's such an inspiration, she's really put all of herself out there and said 'hey this is me, take it or leave it, i'm not changing' and her interview with john mccain is brilliant! x

  20. Amazing, just amazing!! I am always a fan of your posts, but this one is truly beautiful. You are absolutely right that sometimes it is women who are standing in the way of women, and that is so sad to me. We need to uplift each other and support each other no matter what their decisions are, even if it's not our cup of tea. We as women need to love ourselves and each other. Thank you for putting it so eloquently. =)

    I know it has been said, but my mother is my most inspiring woman. She made it through being a single mother, divorces, abusive relationships and so much more and imbued her daughters with a sense of self and strength that are amazing. She is a truly amazing mother, friend and woman.

  21. *This* is why you're one of my favourite bloggers. Not only are you stylish and pretty, but you're so smart and passionate, and not afraid be upfront about your beliefs. This post is inspiring and written in such a positive way. I have to agree with others and say this is one of the best posts you've written. It is so common for young women to participate in girl hate and internalized misogyny and then push the idea of feminism under the rug, and it makes me so sad. It's incredibly empowering to see another women so confident and pro-woman. So thank you!

  22. I love this post!!! Such a great way to bring awareness and celebrate being women together! My blogger friend Michele brought me here ( and I am so happy she did! Cheers :)


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