Things I Love Thursday

Here's my weekly list of all things wonderful! Pretty pictures and cute animals! La la lovely!

♥ this. i think every TiLT post should have a Jersey Shore gif! ♥

♥ this fruit/veggie bar! ♥

♥ these pretty tea cookies! ♥

♥ this frilly combo! ♥

this mani! my favorite sarcastic gal! ♥

♥ this picture! jellies make great photos ♥

this pretty pastel cake (perfect for easter!) ♥

♥ we all need to hear this some days. ♥

this tumblr! ♥

this watercolor painting ♥

♥ this magical shirt! ♥

What are you loving this week?

PS; I know some of you ask "Where is so-and-so from? Where is that from?" and I provide the original source to everything I can by linking the "this" in each line! If it's not linked, unfortuantely I could not find the original source. Most of my TiLT posts come from my favorite things on Tumblr, and obviously few people credit properly! If you know the original source to anything, please don't hesitate to link in the comments! I'll gladly credit it! :D

PPS; Operation Layla is a community effort by several bloggers to raise money for the impending surgery of a cancer survivor. Layla has battled her way through cervical cancer and is scheduled for surgery next week on the 22nd. While we just missed the bake sale rally, you can still help reach the donation goal by donating via PayPal on the site. Click here for more information.

Also please don't forget about everyone in Japan! While it's so easy to overlook these things because we're thousands of miles away, it could very well be us in that situation. Think about a nice meal out on the town with you and your loved one. While it would be a fun time for a few hours, that money could go to help a cancer survivor or millions of displaced people in Japan. Just consider donating what would equate to one night out.. be it dinner or two movie tickets. Every single dollar counts. Even if it's only $5. I urge every single one of you to donate a dollar or two. Whatever you can possibly spare. It's going to be a long road to recovery for everyone in Japan, and the news continues to be heartbreaking. You can donate to the Red Cross for Japan and you can donate through PayPal for Operation Layla.


  1. Thanks for blogging about Operation Layla! We all greatly appreciate it!

    I love that fruit and veggie bar, it looks delish!

  2. I love that fruit and veggie bar! It looks delish!

    Thanks so much for posting about Operation Layla! All of us who are involved in it appreciate every person who helps out in any way they can!

  3. Hey Kaelah! Hope your Thursday is going wonderful. I always enjoy your TILTs! I just wanted to mention this site: in case you haven't heard of it yet. I'm participating in this and I figured you would find the site interesting. :)

  4. haha! Love the Jersey Shore one! Hilarious. =D xo.

  5. I can't wait to get paid tomorrow so I can donate a portion of my paycheck.

    Also-Daria manicure-best thing ever.

  6. You're so right... it wouldn't by TILT without a JS gif. I look forward to them :)

  7. Those cookies are adorable and that jellyfish picture is one of the most amazing photos I've seen!

  8. love the fruit bar!
    thanks for shouting out to Japan! While I don't know anyone there, it's still so heartbreaking to see the news.

  9. omg those shoes!!! green eyed fo sho! xx

  10. I have an award for you on my blog! :)

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