// Things I Love Thursday v.305

wedding suspended 400 feet over Utah canyon
wedding suspended 400 feet over Utah canyon
wedding suspended 400 feet over Utah canyon
wedding suspended 400 feet over Utah canyon
♥ this wedding suspended 400-feet above a canyon in Utah. HOLYCRAP!

this DIY farmhouse desk! ♥

♥ this work in progress ♥
llama trinket dish
this darling llama trinket dish ♥

ALL. OF. THIS. this kelly green! ♥

these adorable necklaces ♥

this sketchbook spread ♥

this photo ♥
try Stitch Fix for FREE
try StitchFix for FREE
try out stitch fix for FREE!

these valentines! i might have to make these for tobes! ♥

♥ this is the last day for the shopbop designer sale! ♥

// Because I am readddddyyyy for summer! Eyeing swimsuits and sunhats galore!

// This obituary is by far one of the most amazing I've ever read. Terry sounds like an *awesome* person, and he was so clearly loved, and known, by his closest. I giggled at the references all the way up to the end, then my face was just WET!

// 20+ rare photos reveal the unseen side of things, and it will change the way you see the world. This was fascinating.

// Got a Valentine? Stitch Fix has gift cards for everyone! Men, women, plus size, maternity, and even petite!

// Another shoutout to Fress Press Media if you're looking for a network to explore brand collaborations. -- If you'd like an invite to join RewardStyle, send me your email address/blog link via IG/FB/email!

// ICYMI: Galentine's Day Sweet Treat Bags // My Amazon Deals group where I post ~150+ deals every. single. day!

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  1. Wow, I am thrilled to see this one.
    they are really brave than me & you did an amazing job

  2. ooooh this is one of my faves TILT ever! so many good things (that wedding OMG, the photos that make you look at the world differently - the Everest one made me consider actually climbing it!)

    Thanks for another great round up!

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra


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